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Almost 4 years ago
As the reviewer indicates, there is so much valuable information available regarding VMware, including command line operations that sometimes make VM management simpler and faster. For example, VM snapshot review. If you're willing to put a little time into finding and…
About 4 years ago
Nice review! Curious about your VM replication - is your second site a DR facility such as SunGard? Do you utilize VMware's SRM? Thanks!
Over 4 years ago
Excellent review - concise and easy to read. Your thoughts on "proper, prior training" and advice on using official Microsoft training are right on. Too often in the medium, non-technical company I work for, the technical training is skipped in favor of "Google" and all of…
Over 5 years ago
VMware IS a very solid product and I agree with Chris that the complexity is defined by the current environment being brought to it. Although it increased the cost, we hired a 3rd party vendor to assist with the initial setup so we we left any questions regarding the design…
Over 5 years ago
I would agree with Chris about checking into the offerings available with 5.5 and 6.0. I would add that support for 4.1 ended May 21, 2014 and end of technical guidance is coming up May 21, 2016.
Over 5 years ago
I'm a "home grown" (OJT and tech courses) Senior Server Admin responsible for Virtualization, SQL Operations and Imaging. The evolution of all 3 over the past 5-10 years has been a journey for sure. VMware, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012, Windows 2008/2012 and Vertafore…
Over 5 years ago
Thanks for the helpful, well written review! Uptime is key in our environment so the complexity is well worth it. We used a vendor for initial setup to get our feet wet with virtualization, but have since updated the original environment more to our liking. NIC trunking…
Over 5 years ago
Being a small shop we were a little taken aback at the recommendation to buy more hardware than we thought we needed. HA and DRS are our 2 favorite features so we are very happy with the solution that we purchased, especially since our environment has expanded quite…
Over 5 years ago
We like this product alot. Virtualization Manager provides decent storage information relating to virtual machines but basic Network connection information. We use Network Performance Monitor which provides more detailed Network information.
Almost 6 years ago
We just installed the infrastructure for VDI and our Desktop team is working on the virtual desktop builds. It's good to know we follow in positive footsteps!
About 6 years ago
One of the main reasons we purchased Virtualization Manager was due to already owning NPM and SAM. In the interest of a familiar interface and like Derek, 'alert fatigue', VMan was basically a no-brainer. The overall integration continues to improve with each update and…

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