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Please introduce yourself and include:

  1. Which enterprise technology solutions you use regularly 
  2. Topic(s) you like to write or comment about
  3. Your favorite swag from tech vendors OR your favorite tech t-shirt caption
    author avatarRandall Hinds
    Real User

    Hello All! Randall here; good to make your acquaintance. I really like ITCS as a source of info from like minded folks & peers across industries. I tap multiple sources in my research on various tools, but it is not easy to find candid unbiased opinions. This should be fun!

    I started in IT back in 1998, after 10 yrs chasing a rock-and-roll dream.... (guess we all have to grow up sometime) I am the Operations Manager for my company's 'NOC' style monitoring entity, and we deliver monitoring-as-a-service to over 200 of the most business critical revenue generating apps. With multiple hosting environments and vendor support teams, there are a lot of tools that can be seen as duplicate capabilites. However, my team is tool agnostic and must leverage the best-of-breed for each data segment and/or area of visibility to carry out our mission - to detect issues proactively to coordinate circumvention ahead of impact where possible.

    1. Which enterprise technology solutions you use regularly
    - We use multiple monitoring tools (20+) offered from the following big vendor suites - IBM Tivoli, BMC, CA, Dynatrace. Plus there are tons of tools in little pockets we use regularly from other vendors - Microsoft, Splunk, AppDynamics, Hadoop/Platfora, Xangati. Then there is a push to try free open source software that exposes us to ELK Stack, Graphite/Graphana, Nagios/Icinga... phew... and the list goes on...
    2. Topic(s) you like to write or comment about
    - APM tools are probably the most interesting to me, but there are many new Analytic tools rising on the scene for almost every visibility area. Splunk is my favorite, but looking at MoogSoft & Netcool Ops Insight for Event/Incident analytics lately
    3. Your favorite swag from tech vendors OR your favorite tech t-shirt caption
    - I've gotten more than my fair share of t-shirts and desk toys... Splunk's caption "Finding faults like your mother" is prob the funniest one I have, but the item I use daily is a 5-to-1 USB connector. It is tiny and replaces a spagetti mess of USB cables I used to carry.

    Looking forward to interacting with you, trading stories and hearing your experiences with IT tools!

    Best Regards,
    Randall Hinds

    author avatarit_user302112 (Senior Consultant IT Infrastructure at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees)


    I am pleased to meet you guys and be part of the "hard core" of reviewers here at IT Central Station. Thanks @Ariel for inviting me!

    Looking at the previous speakers, I feel like I might be one of the younger folks around.
    My name is Valentin Höbel, I'm 28 years old and am living in Germany.

    I am strongly focussed on Linux and other open source technologies. My current employer is a former Cloud startup which provides communication services. My role there is to enhance and develop the Cloud platform from the "platform perspective", making sure that it works, scales, is flexible and is able to include new solutions from our devs or third parties.

    In my spare time, I write articles for the online and print media (e.g. the Linux Magazine).

    The enterprise technology solutions I use regularly are:
    Linux OS, LizardFS (SDS), Nagios, DRBD, VMWare, HAProxy, Nginx, Puppet, SaltStack, Vagrant, Pacemaker/Heartbeat/CRM, JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence, MySQL and OpenLDAP.

    I guess that my future reviews will be about the topics mentioned above and open source stuff.

    > Your favorite swag from tech vendors OR your favorite
    > tech t-shirt caption
    I have a Red Hat bag I carry each day when going to work (I really like it, obviously).

    author avatarit_user199092 (Senior Systems Engineer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees)
    Real User

    Hey guys,

    I've been in IT just short of 20 years. In my current role I'm serving as a Sr. Systems & DevOps Engineer for a healthcare company. My responsibilities extend from the maintenance and accessibility of business-critical systems (things you would typically associate to a Systems Engineer) all the way to our development tools (requirements, bug tracking, traceability, workflows, etc.).

    I'm currently caught up with Veeam's suite of applications, VMware vSphere (and everything else that goes with it), and we recently procured a Nutanix hyperconverged device which I expect to review it in the near future. We're using Windows 2008 to Windows 2012 R2 along with SQL 2005 on up to 2014. I'm also responsible for our DevOps tools such as Jama, JIRA, Bitbucket, Fisheye/Crucible, and Bamboo. Lastly, I support our Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

    I'm ready to comment on any topic that's valuable to the community so I'll try to find topics that haven't been beaten to death already.

    I do have a favorite swag item I recently received which was a Chipolo tracking device. I use it on my key chain and I can either find my phone by shaking the Chipolo or find my keys by using the app on my phone. Pretty cool.


    ITCS user