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Tech Services Company
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10+ years

I am actively looking for a new job
My job search is centered around the Pittsburgh, PA area. I do not have the option to relocate or work out of town for extended periods.

I am different type of It professional. I can teach and mentor, I have maintained documentation for every company I have worked with. I also fix problems be they IT related hardware,software or security related issues. Also I fixed a database that had duplicate entries in it that do not match a master database that I also had submit corrections to. I was told by doctor to lower my cholesterol and I did the research and went though a life style change. I lost over 40 pounds and 2 inches of my waist. I am lighter than when I graduated for high school 6 foot and 182 pounds 8 pounds less.
I have been in leadership roles and I have worked independently and as part of a team. I have been counted on as technical resource and have also been used to "fix" Customer Relation issues that some of them required traveling to different states. I am known as a good listener.
My security focus started 12 years ago. Endpoint protection, verifiable Backups and user rights management. I have stetup roles based management with groups in window 2008 R2. I learned a long time ago that trusting in technology without training users is a major issue. Reading multiple Security reports drive home that point. Users with admin rights can break the security of a company. Also recently watching different web sessions I found IPSwitch can help with some compliance issues (PCI) and secure file transfer. I am constantly reading and watching web sessions from multiple vendors for technical and security related information as I wait for my next employment opportunity.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Created a new VMware Server verison 5 7