Job function
Infrastructure Network Architect
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Insurance Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Have been working in the networking area since 1988. We are primarily a Cisco shop when it comes to routers and switches. Over the past couple of years I have been exposed to supporting a Sidewinder Firewall and Webwasher Web Filter appliance as well.

I have done several network designs for BCBS of Kansas, spend a lot of time looking at performance issues on the network, whether they are our problem or not.

Provide support for our Aruba Wireless, Cisco ACS, Solarwinds NPM & NCM, and ProactiveNet environments. We have 100Mbps Ethernet to the desktop with a fiber gig backbone, redundant core 6509 switches with dual paths to edge switches. Working on design and implementation of 10Gig Core Network.

With the introduction of the Architect role in December of 2012 new responsibilities have been added that can be summarized as:

Providing technical leadership and consulting across the organization, from strategic decision making to the project planning level. It is a top level technical network expert responsible for being the focal point and providing the highest level of support for the most complex performance, network interoperability, and problem resolution for the network infrastructure. The Network Architect provides the tactical technical planning and design of the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), and participates in the strategic technical planning and design to meet service levels, internal and external customer needs, company objectives, defined budgets and technological resources. They also provide technical analysis, evaluations, recommendations and guidance to personnel responsible for developing applications or installing systems. This position will gain organization commitment for all high-level infrastructure plans, and initiate and participate in projects to evaluate and implement technologies to develop and maintain the high-level design plan for the overall logical and technical IS architecture.

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