About me

Career for over 25 years, working in Marketing, Strategy, Sales, in the Technology and Communication segments, in Brazilian and multinational companies.
Strong performance in top management, digital and offline marketing, branding, demand generation, sales, customer management, innovation, business transformation, and organizational culture, orchestrating all these disciplines in an integrated and holistic manner.
Working in Brazil, with international business experience, attending conferences, courses and training in more than 50 locations in the United States, including several Latin American and European countries.
Expertise in articulation, alliances, partnerships, channels, high complexity negotiations, crisis management, behavior management, operations for B2B, B2C and consultative sales.
Recognized through important Brazilian awards in the areas of management, communication, marketing and incentive, accumulating experiences as a Counselor, Observer and Mentor of executives, entrepreneurs and startups.
Great intimacy with technology, agile methodologies, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Bots, ERP, Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, Robotic Process Automation, Quality Assurance, SaaS, Big Data, IoT, among others.
Oriented to execution, results and people, high energy and resilience, easily relationship with all generations and positions.
Degree in Marketing. Fluent English and native Portuguese.