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I have been working as a professional in the IT field since 1998, before that I wore two hats working as a Registered Geologist and supporting the local networks where I was employed. I did this because I found that most tech support people did not care about how us, the humans that used computers. Basically I like people more than computers and enjoy understanding what folks are trying to do with their computers.
My goals in my business is :
1. Enjoy what I am doing.
2. Help small business get the technical solution that works for them without over spending.
3. Make a living in line with goals 1 and 2.

Specialties: 1. Offices that have 1 to 50 computers.
2. Listening to the client.
3. On site and remote support.
4. Designing networks.
5. Evaluating software.
6. Helping businesses decide on equipment to purchase.
7. Referring people to other businesses when I cannot provide the solution.