Accedian Skylight ROI

Mario Oosters
Network Architect at a recruiting/HR firm with 501-1,000 employees
Our organization has saved money by using Skylight. While I can't say how much, it has probably saved us a few servers that we would have bought simply because we wouldn't have known of some badly configured procedures. We've seen ROI in terms of time. Time is money. View full review »
Freelance IT Consultant at SPW (Service Public de Wallonie)
It may have saved us money but it's difficult to quantify. But if we are able to demonstrate that we can identify where a problem is, that's already something positive. Before, we struggled a lot to say, "Okay, the problem is on the database or the problem is with the application server." But thanks to Skylight, we can say, "Okay, the problem is there," and we can investigate more within that specific block. View full review »
Joel Baczynski
Network Administrator at CHR Citadelle
It has clearly saved us money. For example, when we have a problem with an external application and we meet with the distributor of the application, they will say, "Okay, the problem is the performance of the server." The distributor will suggest we get a new server with more capacity, more disk, more memory, more everything. We can prove, with Skylight, that the problem is not on the server. We can prove that the problem is not on the network. We can prove that the problem is due to the database's structure. When we put the diagram in front of the distributor he says, "Ahh. Okay." And the database administrator can say, "Okay. Just add an index here, an index here," and after that, the product is good to go. So we have saved a lot of money there. Before we had Skylight's analysis, the people who use the application would spend a lot of time in the application and would lose a lot of time waiting for it. After we proved that the problem is the application, and after fixing the problem, its speed improved a lot. It's difficult to quantify the money we have saved with it, because it's money for a server, it's money for the time of the people involved with the application, it's money for the time of our networker equipment, etc. View full review »
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