What is Network Monitoring Software?

According to the IT Central Station community, the most important buying criteria for buying monitoring software are functions such as packet loss, latency, jitter, downtime, interoperability with the largest amount of vendor devices possible, performance and behavior of the application. Network monitoring should also focus solely on the network and avoid application monitoring. The ability to customize the monitoring and presentation of the data are key but the software should have an easy to view default dashboard. Read more »

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Network Monitoring Software Reviews

Read reviews of Network Monitoring Software that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Network Monitoring Software Questions

Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Jan 17 2016
Lynzee tucker li?1414334730
Lynzee TuckerThe Visual TruView platform is a top player in the application aware network... more »
Dwight linn li?1414335216
Dwight LinnBrian, While I don’t know the software you refer to, I have had a fair... more »
Dwight linn li?1414335216
Dwight LinnI don’t know anything about ZABBIX, but SolarWinds is a very broad tool and... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Director of Community
IT Central Station
Jan 04 2016
David curnow li?1429611179
David CurnowThere are so many products to choose from on the market, and each has its... more »
Andrew roper li?1422460374
Andrew RoperVendor inter-operability is a big consideration. Network monitoring should... more »
B8464cf2 72fd 4b63 9a70 0aecdc01ef66 avatar?1449645309
Andrea Consadorii use zabbix nms for snmp and wmi monitoring and graylog for syslog message... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Director of Community
IT Central Station
David kurnik li?1414337640
David Kurnik1. Hundreds of rats chewed fiber links in a crawlspace in London. 2.... more »
Add randygrein
Randy GreinHmm, the most surprising issue (not for me, but management) has been power... more »
C81832b2 8ccb 49b5 8fba 629a590c3747 avatar?1443616571
WarDriverWell it depends on the scope of what you are monitoring but I have seen some... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Francesco cambiaso li?1414337829
Francesco CambiasoWe really love Boundary for network performance monitoring in the cloud. It's... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Sailaish BooluckHi, Try GFI MAX RemoteManagement Overview:... more »
E8b046e0 cbe6 4db1 91a9 caccb5405f1b avatar
Leo La CiuraI suggest using Nagios or Zabbix, but the question is a little bit... more »
Owner at a tech services company with 1-100 employees
Add randygrein
Randy GreinI don't have a chart as such - as I've said before, matrices are highly... more »
Mike weimann li?1414329965
Mike WeimannI get this question every day, and to be fair, I believe that the answer... more »
Sam marsh li?1414331851
Sam MarshIf you want Nagios plugins and the extensibility Nagios brings, but not the... more »

Network Monitoring Software Consultants

Request a call with one of our top consultants and experts in Network Monitoring Software. (Are you a consultant? Get added to this list.)

Rob beekmans li?1414338554

Sr. Consultant
Working in IT since 1993, seen the rise of all techniques, my focus is on usability rather than coolness. Daily job is about working with customers helping them to get the most optimal workspace for their users. Focus is not bound to any vendor, my focus is all vendors in IT for I want the best... more>>
B96315a9 e20a 499a adfe 6af7a3c289db avatar?1437347278

Director of Operations
I have over 15 years working with ITSM solutions, specially related to improving service quality but without direct impact on budget limitations. WIth knowledge, experience, technology and the right team it is possible to deliver a better IT service within the organizations. Especializações:... more>>
Reviewed CA Unified Infrastructure Management: With its predefined menu of items to collect and...
4a884903 cbb4 4a01 ae18 b85d9b060dbc avatar?1439231342

Enterprise IT Management Consultant
Experienced Enterprise and Service Management specialist with many successful deployment and consultancy achievements. Ability to innovate, think clear, organise, recruit and lead as well as technical execution and development. Ability to analyse requirements and propose... more>>
7bf00c6e 5a44 4bea a79c f0f898061924 avatar?1453217361
TOP 20
Infrastructure Consultant, specialist SCCM, SCOM, VMware, Hyper-V
Consultant specialized in IT Infrastructure Management. Certified MCSE 2012 Server Infrastructure, Certified SCCM 2012, experienced SCCM 2012, SCOM 2012, SCVM 2012, SCDPM 2012, VMware, storage, infrastructure audit, etc.
4a418c1a b7f1 4b7a 9890 337a2ca9356f avatar?1453431400
TOP 20
Senior Consultant
Over 4 years of experience specializing in solution architecture, implementation,administration, configuration and maintenance of various Enterprise Management tools My key skills are on monitoring tools like Microsoft SCOM, BMC BEM,Patrol, TMART ,Solar winds & automation tools like BMC... more>>
B533b456 b724 416b 86be c88152fe9eb2 avatar?1453651043
TOP 20
I am active in consultancy for Microsoft Server related projects and other ICT related services for clients in the Netherlands and occassionally also elsewhere ( www.bictt.nl ). My specialisation is SCOM and all products and versions around it. I am very much a community person. I received a... more>>
0d84dfcb 80e9 4218 9ea0 8d92e164f1d6 avatar?1453682081
TOP 20
Senior Technical Consultant
IT Professional with 8 years experience in the IT industry. Started as Technical Support and is now a Consultant focusing on Microsoft System Center solution design and deployments. Has experience in IT Operations and Administration on Client and Systems Management, as well as on-premise and... more>>
490fd025 bade 47c4 a01e 37098955ea02 avatar?1453837018
TOP 20
Senior Consultant
Heinrich is an experienced Microsoft consultant focusing on desktop deployments and private cloud delivery through the use of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and the wider System Center private cloud stack.
F017629b cd47 468f b1bc 889ad5a8bcab avatar?1450177502
TOP 20
Consultant Ingénieur de production informatique
Conception et industrialisation de production Maintenance et suivi d'une production Connaissances diverses et variés des exploitations Vision transversale d'un environnement opérationnel Langages variés de développement
Anonymous avatar x100
IT Consultant
CAREER SUMMARY Organized, result-oriented (certified) professional with over eight years experience in the Information Technology Industry Consulting Systems Engineering. Major strengths in leadership, planning, communications and management. An energetic, highly motivated systems... more>>
DataCenter & Facility Consultant
Drive superior IT & OSS Infrastructure Architectural – (Unix/Linux platform) on key projects & programs. Look after most significant infrastructures such as Event Management, Monitoring system, Mail System, Trouble Ticketing System, Notification System, Branch Circuit Monitoring and... more>>
293e9de2 dc5e 4f59 b0d5 8ca3079a6671 avatar?1456738140
Presales Consultant
Reviewed CA Unified Infrastructure Management: With the SLM feature, you can transform any...
Anonymous avatar x100

Networks (ISP-sized to small networks). Good working knowledge of Linux and Unix systems (mainly Debian/Ubuntu and Solaris). Application, system and network monitoring. Actively working on the Open Source monitoring system Opsview. Specialties: Monitoring Solutions for complex systems and... more>>
Add saeed
A passionate IT professional being in the field since 2001 and specialized in IP Networking & Security with strong background in system administration. My main expertise are: * Designing, Implementing, Optimizing IP Networks * Network Security and Audit * Network Automation, Management,... more>>
Reviewed CA NetQoS Performance Center: In terms of scalability I have not seen any other...
Cedric larfeil li?1414339585


13+ continuous years activity in enterprise networking standing various positions : operational, deployment, design, technical project management. Ability to handle customer needs and provide relevant technical solutions to them. Excellent team worker but great capacity to work... more>>
Reviewed Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse: Efficient network troubleshooting and application...
Patrik li?1414329414


Courses: 1999 Compaq Proliant Servers 1999 Ms Windows NT 4.0 Fundamentals 2002 Ms Windows XP Fundamentals 2002 HP Unix Fundamentals 2006 Linux System Administration 2007 HP Linux course for advanced unix administrators 2009 HP Linux Troubleshooting 2012 Prince 2 Foundation 2012... more>>
Picture tony fortunato

Network Engineer
Anonymous avatar x100
Freelancer Information Security & SIEM Consultant
Add adrianchirtoc
I am most interested in Microsoft technologies. Currently I am involved most of my time in System Center Operation Manager projects. I want to develop myself to Master System Center Operation Manager but also other System Center products and Windows Server technology. Currently I have over 5... more>>
IT Technical Testing Consultant
- 5 years professional experience, dedicated to performance engineering, web application security audits and IT technical testing. - Performance engineering, with extensive experience on Enterprise Java platforms (Load Testing, monitoring, tuning and optimizing enterprise... more>>
Reviewed CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Alarm management capabilities, extensible...