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BMC TrueSight Network Automation is ranked 8th in Configuration Management with 3 reviews while BMC TrueSight Server Automation is ranked 5th in Configuration Management with 7 reviews. BMC TrueSight Network Automation is rated 7.6, while BMC TrueSight Server Automation is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of BMC TrueSight Network Automation writes "Enables us to maintain and consistently deploy network device configurations, but the setup has not gone smoothly". On the other hand, the top reviewer of BMC TrueSight Server Automation writes "Works across multiple operating systems, enabling data collection without worrying about the underlying OS". BMC TrueSight Network Automation is most compared with Micro Focus Network Automation, Cisco DNA Center and SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, whereas BMC TrueSight Server Automation is most compared with Ansible, SCCM and Chef. See our BMC TrueSight Network Automation vs. BMC TrueSight Server Automation report.
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Depending on who's looking at the data, they need to configure that data in different ways, and the dashboards help us to do that better than what was previously available.The backup and restore configurations are really helpful for a number of network devices, as you can automate them, then know what changes have been done, who made the changes, etc. So, it's quite helpful in the network management area.It is helpful if you schedule daily or weekly archiving for your config groups. Then, you can go by what are in those configuration groups, before and after, if you make changes. So, configuration management is really helpful in network management.We use it to back up configurations so the configuration management is valuable for us.

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It gives us more speed to deliver services and applications, and we rely on security.The most important feature is the schedulings.The most valuable feature is its ability to remediate quickly and efficiently across a number of IT assets at the same time. It takes away manual efforts from the team to go out and fix those vulnerabilities through patching, conflict updates, etc.Among the most valuable features is its flexibility and ability to work across multiple operating systems. Being able to execute some form of data collection and not have to worry about whether I'm working on a Linux box, or a Windows box, or the underlying OS, I can do these collections, get these results, and put them together in a uniform format which makes it easier to present back to management.Compliance is also huge... By tying it to Atrium Orchestrator, our workflow tool, we'll be able to have a closed loop where we identify a compliance issue, cut CRs, get them approved, and then be able to execute these CRs and more seamlessly fix these issues on the fly.Technical support is good.It makes deployment easier and allows us to put restrictions on the server using role-based authorization.BladeLogic lets users view the filesystem with minimal authorization to the server.

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We've been working with BMC support in various ways such as to allow for the high-availability components to the TSIMs to work together. There have been issues there. We've seen randomness in how other pieces of the software work. Integration with the Presentation Server and the TSIMs has been a challenge. The ports that are required for HA to be utilized were not clearly documented anywhere. In fact, they still aren't documented online anywhere, even though we managed to pull it out of some of their support people.I would like to see more device supported features, mostly on the new brands and models coming in. For any new version or model, it should be supported by the tool, especially the newest versions. For example, the newest devices, like Aruba Wireless, and routers need support from the tool.For customized compliance, it takes some effort to implement things. If the device configuration is quite complex, then you have to do quite number of customizations in the DNA tool for out-of-the-box compliance. These regular expressions have to be modified based on the requirements of the compliance.I'd like to be able to get more devices into compliance with standards, but that means running additional rule sets and that takes time.

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I would like to see more container integration in the next release of this solution.We would like to see this solution handle more multitasking.The number of APIs available within the tool needs improvement. At the moment, we have a couple of different scanning tools used within the organization, but only one of those is integrated back into Server Automation. There is another tool that they use in another part of the business where it doesn't have an out-of-the-box adaptor for it. We would have to go and create or develop something bespoke to be able to integrate it with that scanning tool. Whereas, with the other scanning tool, there was an API available. To make it easier, I would like to have more APIs available for different scanning tools within that line of business.I would like to see a better methodology for handling REST calls and integration into the APIs. They add new APIs as they add functions, but they've missed some from older components which they still haven't added in. Some of the APIs are there but the CLI calls are not there.Needs more use cases into compliance management and the remediation process.Provisioning needs to be more user-friendly. We were using BladeLogic for provisioning, but due to a lot of issues and complications, we had to stop using provisioning with this tool.A better CLI Database cleanup tool would help us with our regular maintenance of BladeLogic Server Automation.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
There's a fee for the licenses themselves, per contract, and then we have a yearly licensing fee that's many thousands of dollars. But that's not just for TrueSight, that's also for support for ITSM, Atrium Orchestrator, BBNA, and other BMC tools in the environment.

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We're looking at less than $100,000 USD for this solution.Licensing is a bit pricey. Be mindful about the components that you need and buy as appropriate.

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TrueSight Network Automation, BladeLogic Network AutomationTrueSight Server Automation, BladeLogic Server Automation, BladeLogic Automation Suite

Network automation and management software reduces network outages and downtime by automating configuration, change and compliance processes. Organizations depend on high performance across their network to keep the business running at peak efficiency but new security threats make it hard for network administrators to keep pace with the demands for new services and safeguard the health of the network.

BladeLogic Server Automation allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers. 

·         Threat remediation: Combine with BMC SecOps Response Service to link vulnerabilities to identified patches and create a remediation plan

·         Compliance: Integrates role-based access control, pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP, documentation, and remediation

·         Provisioning: Supports unattended installs and image-based, script-based, or template-based provisioning

·         Configuration: Consistently manage change and configuration activities across a broad range of server environments with one tool

·         Reporting: Assess change impact or complete an audit using multiple dashboard views

·         Patching: Supports and follows maintenance window guidelines to ensure timely delivery of patches

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Find out what your peers are saying about BMC TrueSight Network Automation vs. BMC TrueSight Server Automation and other solutions. Updated: November 2019.
384,147 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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