Find out what your peers are saying about IBM, SaltStack, Microsoft and others in Configuration Management.
287,741 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about IBM, SaltStack, Microsoft and others in Configuration Management.
287,741 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Configuration Management?

Software Configuration Management (SCM) refers to tracking and controlling software changes. SCM tracks software updates. Software engineers will closely monitor software used by the enterprise to stay on top of revision control. SCM assists in detecting and monitoring functional software elements and configurations, tracking version selection and changes, establishing software control and implementing baselines. Software Configuration Management is also known as Software Control Management. SCM is important in IT because new software elements are constantly being added and updated across an enterprise. New operating systems, new databases, new plug-ins, patches, and so forth create an almost constant churn of configuration changes. IT Central Station users are tasked with managing ongoing technical issues in an enterprise. Efficient implementation of Software Configuration Management helps improve productivity by establishing communication and coordination among programmers for ideal functioning of the IT team. A Software Configuration Management system manages the output and functionality of basic components including software objects, program code, test data, test output, design documents, and user manuals. The Software Configuration Management process is intended to increase clarity and open communication among team members. Benefits and advantages of Software Configuration Management allow IT Central Station professionals to reduce redundant work, effectively manage simultaneous updates, track defects with traceability, help with build management and avoid configuration-related issues. Well-coordinated teams should deliver analytics for management and support a smooth functioning organization. Communication is vital in Software Configuration Management because system architecture and decisions affect app development and maintenance, infrastructure, security, auditing, and compliance. IT Central Station IT users are looking for ease of use for the best software fit with their assets, such as ASCII or binary, and look at variables such as compatibility of file size. Vendor support is key when IT closely are evaluating software purchases and is critical during the Proof of Concept (POC) stage, as well as over lifetime of the product.

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Infrastructure Operations Manager
IT Professional with 14 years of experience applying people, process, problem-solving and technical skills to improve infrastructure team and organization performance. Experiences with designing, developing, engineering and implementing infrastructure automation platforms for seamless execution... more>>
Reviewed BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management: Automates Java EE Application Deployment from an SCM...
Technical Consultant
• Puppet Consultant, since 2009 • Chef Automation Consultant, since 2009 • Ansible Consultant, since 2014 • Docker Consultant, since 2013 • Clarive Consultant, since 2013 • HP CSA/OO Consultant, since 2014 • Sked Enterprise Consultant, since 2011 • AutoSys(WAAE)/Control-M Consultant, since... more>>
Project Manager
Hi, I am working as Linux Admin with a MNC. My expertise are messaging with all platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Open Source Postfix, McAfee IronMail and IBM Lotus Domino. :)
BI and Data Integration Consultant
Have 8+ years of IT experience in data mining for Insurance, Gaming, FMCG, Chemical industry, Sales, Partner Payment System, Logistics applications and Software products. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills resulting in excellent Business – user interaction. Understands and... more>>
IT Operations Manager
Server patch management Tools : - Blade Logic , SCCM 2012 and BigFix [ IBM endpoint management ]
TOP 20
Senior Consultant
Over 4 years of experience specializing in solution architecture, implementation,administration, configuration and maintenance of various Enterprise Management tools My key skills are on monitoring tools like Microsoft SCOM, BMC BEM,Patrol, TMART ,Solar winds & automation tools like BMC... more>>
Courses: 1999 Compaq Proliant Servers 1999 Ms Windows NT 4.0 Fundamentals 2002 Ms Windows XP Fundamentals 2002 HP Unix Fundamentals 2006 Linux System Administration 2007 HP Linux course for advanced unix administrators 2009 HP Linux Troubleshooting 2012 Prince 2 Foundation 2012... more>>

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