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As of April 2019, Cisco Stealthwatch is ranked 1st in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software with 6 reviews vs SolarWinds NPM which is ranked 3rd in Network Monitoring Software with 23 reviews. The top reviewer of Cisco Stealthwatch writes "You are able to drill down into a center's utilization, then create reports based on it". The top reviewer of SolarWinds NPM writes "With an easy-to-use interface for both admins and users, we use it to provide infrastructure monitoring services". Cisco Stealthwatch is most compared with Darktrace, FireEye Network Security and Splunk User Behavior Analytics. SolarWinds NPM is most compared with PRTG Network Monitor, Zabbix and Nagios XI. See our Cisco Stealthwatch vs. SolarWinds NPM report.
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The artifacts available in the tool provide better information for analyzing network traffic. It enables a holistic view of network traffic and general packet analysis. It's easy to identify anomalies without the use of signatures. The way in which we implemented Stealthwatch Cloud has enabled my team to analyze traffic behind proxies.The deployment was a breeze. It is a very innovative and robust platform that allows us to bi-directionally stitch together data elements from Netflow-enabled devices to provide a context for network utilization.Able to drill down into a center's utilization, then create reports based on it.Ease of deployment, once you get your ducks in a row.Visibility. The ability to look East and West. To see what is passing through your circuits, where it is coming from, and how big it is.From a security standpoint, it is just seeing pockets as well. Visibility is very key for us.Provides easily identifiable anomalies that you can't see with signature detections.The beginning of any security investigation starts with net flow data.

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The set up was very easy. We didn't have any problems with the setup. The deployment took less than an hour.We can proactively fix historical issues, so we won't face those problems in future.You can monitor performance counters effortlessly.One of the best features is the reports feature.It gives us a map of the network setup and one console to see the entire network.I believe the ease of setup and use, including everything, from the initial installation to the discovery of devices is the most valuable.I love the GUI. Almost everything is accessible through the web interface. It is very user-friendly. It is easy to drag and drop resources wherever you want them.The SolarWinds NPM framework, upon which most of their flagship products are built, empowers a wide variety of admins and users to quickly find value in their installed products.

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If there was one improvement I’d suggest it would be that it detect traffic through an intranet. The product requires that traffic flow through a managed network device. The product is designed mostly for enterprise environments and not smaller environments or businesses.Reliance on Java. Get away from that.If they can make this product more web-based, that would be amazing.One update that I would like to see is an agent-based client. Currently, Stealthwatch is network-based. A local agent could help manage endpoints.The version with the Dell server had iDRAC problems. Often, it reported iDRAC failure.One update I would like to see is an agent-based client. Currently StealthWatch is network based.We need to be able to filter out internal IPs as non-threats.

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The aesthetic widgets should be dynamic widgets, so the customization can be even more customizable.It is not that stable. As a Windows software, I have seen issues with SolarWinds. The performance is slow.It would be nice if SolarWinds could have a polling engine on the site that would collect the reporting and then manage everything itself.Consolidation of platforms would provide a smoother experience.A feature I would ask for is for them to have this solution available for Linux systems instead of Windows.The SolarWinds notification and alerting configuration could be simplified as it would be easier to find if it was within the NPM web application instead of in a separate client application.The reporting is good, but I want it to be a little easier when creating custom reports. The reports are all on the website now, but it takes some know how to get some to display the way you would like.Real-time analytics is the major weakness of the SolarWinds NPM platform today. They've done a fantastic job enabling the collection of data. Users are now demanding the ability to generate their own graphs, views, and so on; all of this must be done by an admin today.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Today, we are part of the big Cisco ELA, and it is a la carte. We can get orders for whatever we want. At the end of the day, we have to pay for it in one big expense, but that is fine. We are okay with that.NetFlow is very expensive.One of the things which bugs me about Lancope is the licensing. We understand how licensing works. Our problem is when we bought and purchased most of these Lancope devices, we did so with our sister company. Somewhere within the purchase and distribution, licensing got mixed up. That is all on Cisco, and it is their responsibility. They allotted some of our sister company's equipment to us, and some of our equipment to them. To date, they have never been able to fix it.​Licensing is done by flows per second, not including outside (in traffic).Pricing is much higher compared to other solutions.Licensing is done by flows per second, not including outside>in traffic.It is worth the cost.

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The pricing is very expensive for SolarWinds. That's a huge disadvantage for it.The pricing needs to be improved. It is too high. One full engine costs around $10 000, which is why we don't have high availability right now.You have to license it per year, for the support. You don't really need to have support once you've already set it up. Once you install SolarWinds, you can skip on the licensing. It will still work.I believe the original setup cost was around $3500 with an annual cost of around $1200-$1500 to renew the support license. This would bring the average day-to-day cost of around $5-$6 over three years.The price points are more than competitive when compared to other vendors.The licensing model is such that you can purchase only what you need; and then grow into the next level by paying only the difference in price and the associated maintenance costs.I think that the cost has risen, but the functionality and versatility is way above other products.Excluding the costs of running VMs and physical blade servers, our licensing costs run around US$200,000/year for over 60 polling engines.

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Cisco Stealthwatch uses NetFlow to provide visibility across the network, data center, branch offices, and cloud. Its advanced security analytics uncover stealthy attacks on the extended network. Stealthwatch helps you use your existing network as a security sensor and enforcer to dramatically improve your threat defense.

Check the health and performance of your entire network for easier troubleshooting and faster results using SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. NPM lets you quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages. Now with built-in deep packet inspection and analysis you can immediately determine the impact of network or application latency on user experience.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Cisco Stealthwatch vs. SolarWinds NPM and other solutions. Updated: March 2019.
332,644 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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