Oracle Exalogic Valuable Features

Mohamed Ali Mohamed
Statistics Analyst at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Good performance : Exalogic is designed especially for Oracle middleware and applications hosted on WebLogic servers or any other application running on the top of Linux/Solaris OS, Exalogic HW is integrated with Elastic cloud software that performance optimization and good performance for Fusion Middleware modules. Also, Infiniband switches add high I/O throughput. * Good platform for building easy clusters of vServers through ZFS storage: Exalogic has internal ZFS-ES storage which is supporting NFS sharing. Through NFS, WebLogic cluster (based on shared files system) can be implemented in an easy manner. View full review »
Oracle Fusion Middleware Technical Consultant at a tech services company
* High-speed network * Strong storage features (ZFS) * High Availability out of the box * Integrated with a large number of products View full review »
Wisnu Wibowo
Solutions Architect at a government
Scalablility: When we need to upgrade from an eighth-rack to a full-rack, the real downtime is less then an hour. Manageability: When we deploy the solution for a customer, we generally need to integrate with an existing network. With the Exalogic Configuration Utility we can provide either as an isolated or integrated network segment. Enterprise high-speed interoperability: With IPoIB we can deliver to other environments, either IP-Ethernet-based or IP-InfiniBand-based protocol, both with minimum bandwidth capacity of 10Gbps, 20Gbps, or 40Gbps, redundantly. View full review »

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