Proxmox VE Valuable Features

Kevin Heron
Technical Operations Manager at Ocient, Inc.
One of the things that I found most valuable is how easy Proxmox is to deploy. It can run on anything. Right now we are running it on some file servers that we have without any special configuration. I also like how it has got the same high-availability features as you get in a product like VMware. I get those benefits and I do not have to pay the $17,000 a year for the VMware license to enjoy them. Because Proxmox VE is open-source, the only expense we have is the support costs. You get an easy to use GUI that you can use to look to see who your virtual clients are and what hosts they are living on. You can also essentially vMotion — which is a VMware term but the feature in Proxmox does the same thing — to transfer a system. It is host-aware, so if the host Proxmox is living on crashes and there is another host in the cluster, it will automatically failover. That is just a great capability. It also can do the same thing if performance on the given host exceeds a certain threshold. You have the option to configure that as you want it with the product. It will automatically move to a different host to improve performance with the system and, in turn, improve the performance of the application running on it. View full review »
Propriétaire et Technicien Système at
Ease of use, HA, internal 100gbps Virtio network, built-in backup (don't pay $1200 Veeam licence), support for multi-monitors on multiple VMs in KVM, no need to RDP in the VMs to do your stuff (Win, Linux and Mac with SPICE and using 6 screens here (11520*2160). Containers are awesome fo saving a lot of resources (like 100-200mb for an isolated service vs a whole VM (can't run full HA though). It also works on older hardware (unlike VMware) so community clients are able to afford that unlike a new $10000 entry-level server with the config. It's as stable as VMware or XCP-NG if you have a licence (much cheaper than VMware but XCP-Ng is totally free if you don't need functionality like clustering, XO-SAN, VCenter, etc.) View full review »
Director & CTO at TechnoInfotech
The feature that I have found most valuable is that its storage ZFS & Ceph, container based on LXC and everything else works out of the box. Additionally, it is a really stable, reliable, and scalable solution. They have a good road map already in place, so I don't think there are any immediate challenges. View full review »
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Edgard Ribeiro
Support Analyst at EDXINFO
1) The two-factor authentication: for security reasons! 2) PVE-Zsync: wich allows replication outside clusters, with snapshot retention for quickly failover and failback (by incremental syncs) 3) Large documentation and "How-To" on the wiki page; 4) Many usefull integration: APIs, Active Directory; 5) ACLS, Groups e User Managment: Allows to set and customize permissions. 6) Proxmox Backup Server: Assertive Incrememtal Backup Solution for realible local backups or remote with encryption support! That's perfect. 7) Built on Debian based Kernel, very stable distro View full review »
Principal Chief Executive Officer at Sebitech
The availability of the platform is okay. If we compare Proxmox with VMware, VMware provides an environment with a client. And Proxmox provides us an environment with a web client. Most important things for me. And Proxmox uses a middle person with an improviser. Some items that we use within this solution are not available in other virtual environments. The solution works well with Linux based systems. There's a SPICE protocol that's very useful in managing aspects of Proxmox. The product is pretty easy to install. The solution is open source and free to use. View full review »
Fábio Rabelo
IT Manager at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Live migration : Is simplifies the daily work, and reduces the downtime to nearly 0 . Clonning and Snapshots : Verry useful for development testing and backup . Histogram about i/o, memory, CPU and network usage : Helps to find the issue when some VM are running in some kind of bottleneck . View full review »
Kevin Heron
Technical Operations Manager at Ocient, Inc.
The feature I like best about this product is the fact that they have independent nodes. Proxmox is based on KVM and essentially you could lose a node. All the hosts that are running are evacuated elsewhere in the cluster and away you go. I have reduced infrastructure and I'm familiar with it because at the heart of the hypervisor is Debian Linux and I'm a Linux administrator. It didn't require learning a whole new platform and it's so easy to use. Proxmox will be in my toolbox forever, I love it. This is a really great solution and the more VMware raises their costs, the more appealing it is. I'd be very nervous if I were one of the big companies because you're going to have administrators like myself discovering Proxmox and the cost is zero. With this solution, when something goes wrong, you Google it, you figure out the problem and fix it. Of course if you're an enterprise company, that's something else. View full review »
Ivar Andreassen
General Manager at Elogic
The solution is easy to install. It can run on a lot of different types of hardware. Creating virtual machines with it is really easy. View full review »
Systems Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The affordability of the solution is the product's most valuable aspect. View full review »
Eduardo Rodriguez-Mena P.
ICT Solution Especialist with self employed
For me, there are several features that I find valuable, including: * Use of open-source software. * Compatibility with simple Linux container solutions on the same hosts. * The integration of a simple and flexible backup solution. * The dashboard/control panel. Worthy of special mention is the community, which is excellent at solving or explaining difficulties for the users of the solution. View full review »
Daniel Dobkin
Founder, President at Everyman Technologies, inc.
The most valuable feature is the ease of deployment. For the most part, it is quite user-friendly. View full review »
Assistant Information Technology Manager with 51-200 employees
It fits in well with our organization. It works and does what it says it does. View full review »
CISO And Senior Cloud Engineer at Kamena
The most valuable feature of this solution is migration. View full review »
Information Security Consultant at Excellenta
The solution's compatibility is very good with multiple operating systems. The moving systems are very good and migration is excellent. These are the most valuable features for us. View full review »
Carey Butler
CEO at Heurist GmbH / Heuristica Information Services
The most valuable feature of this solution is performance. It is fast. View full review »
Irfan Rosid
System Administrator at INET GLOBALINDO
The solution allows for easy integrations. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Proxmox VE. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,962 professionals have used our research since 2012.