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Managing Director at MatryxSoft Tech
Prior to AscentialTest, one of our team did regression testing of these 2300 test cases scripted in Silk Test classic agent. Some custom windows were unrecognized with lack of support on classic agent. It was cumbersome, as not all the tests were in good shape for execution. Most of the tests were partially executed by automation and partially by manual; very time consuming. View full review »
Gordon Weil
IT Supervisor at a university with 10,001+ employees
Prior to AscentialTest we did only manual testing, with over 1500 scripted tests. Manual testing was problematic because it diverted people away from other urgent tasks. With automated tests we can run tests as needed instead of when we can schedule it. View full review »
Senior Test Engineer at The American Hospital Association
My company had an outside vendor as well as one of our employees try to complete an automated solution using Selenium. A framework was created but the automation was never completed. In 2015, after my company went through several failed attempts at automating one of the key applications at my company, my boss and I decided I would give it a try. We were somewhat invested in Selenium and I had past experience with QTP, but I hadn't done any coding since 2003 and really didn't want to script. I decided to do a formal tool evaluation. I evaluated tools, services, and scripting languages. See list below. Note AscentialTest is not on the list. We selected SmartBear's TestComplete. Appvance AutoMate Fluent Lenium HP Tools qTest eXplorer *** Not an automation tool. Captures manual test steps. Pyramid Consulting *** Not an automation tool. Service vendor. Ranorex Reslet Selenium SmartScript TestComplete TestingAnywhere TestQuest ZAPTEST TestComplete was very affordable and it was very easy to capture user work flows with TestComplete. But once I tried to capture and playback some of the unique aspects of our applications, was when I ran into problems. I spent 6 months working with technical support to resolve each hurdle. At the end they agreed there were too many manual interventions booth and met with Brian Le Suer. He gave me an overview and demo of AscentialTest. I was really impressed and excited about the tool and sorry I didn't know about the tool the year before. I started working with a trial version right after the conference. It's been really easy to automate the same applications TestComplete struggled with. I have been able to automate two of our key applications in just a few months. I haven't even taken their training yet. My boss is also happy with AscentialTest and he's only seen two things I've automated. View full review »
Karl O' Toole
Systems Manager at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

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