Tosca Testsuite Version 10.0


Tosca Testsuite 10.0 has the ability to execute scripts that are generated from QTP.  

Does this mean Tosca Testsuite is providing an automated solution to migrate from any automation to Tosca Testsuite? 

If yes, what needs to be done in order to migrate them (approx)?

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It is possible to migrate automatically from QTP to TOSCA with a 90% hit rate.
Tricentis offers this as a Service package

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For more information regarding Migration, please have a look on recorded Webinar here: https://www.tricentis.com/resource-assets/making-test-case-migration-easy-with-tosca-testsuite-emea/

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1. Tosca Testsuite may execute the scripts but it may not produce functional equivalence.
2. The test scripts must be verified on Tosca unless is Tosca is validated against the other automated solutions (show equivalence).
3a. Large number of scripts: Determine which automated functionality will be used and validate Tosca to be equivalent. 3b. Small number of scripts: Verify the scripts on Tosca

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With Tosca 10 Tricentis provides a utility to migrate existing automation Frameworks on Selenium or other commercial solutions onto Tosca Testsuite. Depending on Framework complexity and maturity we have seen asset re-use of up to 85%. Happy to discuss effort/scope specifics in more detail.

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The initial statement is a very broad statement and it does not mean that 'ANY' automation can automatically move to Tosca. Most QTP test types are compatible but there may be instants were an automated migration may not work. In most cases, regression testing for compatibility will need to be run regardless, or at minimum validation/verification of a statistical number of scripts.

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In addition to migrating QTP scripts, we can analyze existing keyword or data driven frameworks utilizing Selenium, QTP, UFT, etc. for migration. The process is quite simple, contact your local Tricentis account team and provide a sample of your framework. Within a few days, we can give you an assessment of what can be migrated, and the level of effort involved. There is no obligation to the assessment. If you don't know your local team, just visit https://www.tricentis.com/talk-with-sales/ and we can connect you.

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