Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, Tricentis, Sauce Labs and others in Functional Testing Tools.
288,321 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, Tricentis, Sauce Labs and others in Functional Testing Tools.
288,321 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Functional Testing Tools?

Functional Testing refers to the software testing procedures used in software development. Functional Testing Tools analyze what an application does, versus unit testing which analyzes both what an application segment does and how it functions.

Functional Testing offers a proven technical process for IT Central Station users to check and monitor software, ensuring that the functionality is as anticipated when feeding input and examining the output. Dedicated software testers, as well as DevOps teams, test all software to ensure that it conforms to specified requirements.

IT Central Station users look for an independent benchmark during each stage, stating what has and has not been achieved in the testing process. Best practices in Functional Testing start as soon as a function is online, and continues through the application’s completion and first client contact. IT and DevOps managers will run simultaneous applications on their system, with variable user load fluctuations. Specialists would then anticipate that applications be stable and crash resistant in the face of these conditions.

A user application interface is usually supplied with pre-tested components, so testers do not anticipate many surprises once the software is correctly integrated. However, IT Central Station members are consistently required to write custom applications for increasingly complex systems, making the central functions tested by a functional test more system-related rather than user-related.

Functional Testing users expect it to be self-explanatory and easy to use. Support for running across browsers/devices and robustness are essential. The value of Functional Testing is apparent when tools recognize controls and objects from the “Applications Under Test” and how well they do in handling custom objects or objects not recognized, so resulting data should be easy to understand.

IT Central Station professionals focus on how easy the testing process is to set up, execute and manage, as testing should not require much customer support at all. Functional Testing should offer easy GUI and add to maximum IT department productivity, saving time and improving systems.

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QA Automation Engineer
Specialties: Writing automated test scripts using HP UFT and QuickTest Professional integrated with Quality Center. Over 15,000 (fifteen-thousand) hours of actual hands-on experience developing, modifying, and executing QuickTest Professional and UFT scripts. Operating Systems: Windows 10/7/XP,... more>>

Continuous Delivery Lead
Information technology consultant with versatile experience in software development and testing, as a lead for automation, performance & security engineering projects. Have been involved in software testing with emphasis on white box testing, API, security and performance test automation.... more>>
Reviewed Tricentis Tosca: TOSCA Testsuite Review
Director Testing & Quality Assurance
Senior strategic knowledge leadership / management specialising in emerging technologies, innovation & automation (MVP/CPS/ISEB) with over 15 years of international commercial experience with global organisations; including Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, New Zealand... more>>
Summary • 7+ years of experience in software testing including development of test plan, test estimation, creation & execution of test cases, test automation, bug tracking & QA reporting. • Worked on Cisco routers on L2/L3 & VoIP technologies for 4.5 years for the client Cisco... more>>
11 Years of diversified experience as a DevOps Solution/Automation Architect. Expertise in Devops solution using devops tools and QA tools. Expertise in Change & Release Management, DevOps Implementation with AWS Cloud. Expertise in Software development using Microsoft C#.Net. Expertise in... more>>
Associate Project Manager
Iam a SCRUM MASTER / TRICENTIS TOSCA CERTIFIED implementation partner with over 14 years of experience in: Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Delivery Management, Team Management, DevOps, Test Automation, TOSCA Automation tool, Agile... more>>
Sr. Software Quality Consultant
• Since September 2007, have around 8 years of extensive hands on experience of designing, developing and Quality Assurance and Testing of diverse software tools. • An experienced team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills who has the ability to work independently under... more>>
Project Engineer
To pursue a challenging career and be part of a progressive organization that gives scope to enhance my knowledge, skills and to reach the pinnacle in the computing and research field with sheer determination, dedication and hard work.
Test Automation Consultant
Eager to build my knowledge base and learn, I hope to progress and qualify as a cyber security expert eventually and as a Penetration tester in the short term. Well-travelled and culturally aware, I am interested in visiting as many countries as I can whilst I can. My ambition is not, however,... more>>
OATS Engineer-Onsite Consultant
Hi guy's I'm a Software Test Automation/Performance Engineer by profession-Specialized in Automation, Performance Testing and Quality Assurance of Oracle application's(OATS) & also a lifelong learner who want's to learn & experience new thing's, make friend's and help people in whatever... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Application Testing Suite: Functionality testing tool need improvement but Load...
Software Quality Analyst I
I am an ISTQB Certified Software Test Engineer. I had a privileged to work in Pakistan top software company NetSol technologies, the only CMMI level 5 company in Pakistan. I have strong grip on QA processes of CMMI and testing methodologies. I got lucky as well to work on the biggest project of... more>>

System engineer
Expertise in test automation using UFT and Zaptest.
Application Development Senior Analyst
• 5+ Years of experience in the IT Industry with strong emphasis on Quality Assurance, Testing and Troubleshooting in a variety of challenging environments and multiple domains. • Developed data driven automation testing framework for desktop application. • Expertise in designing automated Test... more>>
Principal Consultant
Independent Consultant and an Industry Analyst with over 20 years of IT experience, I am helping organizations with their strategies in web and content technology space including eCommerce, Enterprise Portals, Web Content Management, Collaboration and Social Software. I help customers with... more>>
Senior Test Automation Lead
Nine plus years of experience in Software QA Testing and QA Management for Banking, Finance, Retail, Telecom, Airline & Logistics Domains. • Responsible for whole set of QA Spectrum involving Manual, Automation and Performance testing - Planning, Estimation, Test Strategy, Defect... more>>
TOP 20
Software QA Engineer with 9+ years of experience In Automation & Manual testing, which includes hands-on knowledge in automating Web, Mobile(Native, Hybrid, Mobile-Web), Embedded Appliance-CLI Validation & Client-Server Desktop Applications. Expertise: Extensive hands on experience... more>>
Reviewed IBM Rational Functional Tester: It supports both .NET and Java as the programming...

Martijn is a fast learner, rational, energetic, a good team-player, responsible, has excellent communication and organizational skills, is able to work under pressure, to prioritize and meet hard deadlines. He has worked on some very high-profile prestigious projects. Martijn ensures that the... more>>
7 years of experience in Web application testing and skilled in Ruby + Watir, Ruby + Selenium (Webdriver Selenium Grid, RC ) automation and Ruby + Capybara + Selenium automation scripting. Org Level Trainer for C# Specflow MStest with Selenium BDT Over 6.5 years of... more>>
TOP 20
Testing Consultant
I have a strong passion for development and intelligible software. While working on several testing projects professionally and academically, both desktop and mobile, I fell in love with test automation. I realize the demand for easily maintainable, scalable, and continuously iterated automation... more>>
TOP 20
Principal Consultant
# Close to 9 yrs of experience in QA mostly being it in performance and automation testing and currently working as pre-sales and implementation consultant for HP ALM software suites. # Extensive skill set on performance engineering and tuning of .Net, Java, SAP, Documentum, Oracle and Mobile... more>>
TOP 20
Senior Consultant
Maintenance, design, implementation, QA testing and customer facing of information systems.
Associate Lead Consultant in Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT)
I am interested in entrepreneurial and professional projects where I can be a key member in building a great product and or service. I am always looking to learn and be challenged especially in the areas of Quality Assurance and Team Leadership. I am a great team player, and a strong... more>>
Independent Test Automation Professional
I help organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of test tools. I have around 10 years of experience in the test automation field and have designed and implemented test automation solutions in Java and C# for a wide range of clients. I make sure that automated tests... more>>
Manager with a high level of experience at Test Management; design and build of automation frameworks and Quality Center implementation, customisation and maintenance. Specialties:Test Management, Test Automation and Quality Center Implementation, Customisation and Administration.
Reviewed Silk Test: QTP vs SilkTest WorkBench

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