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Fareed Ab
Right now we are using Smartbear TestComplete, but tried Ranorex as well. It is capturing some parts of data but because the data is constantly changing the script is failing as it couldn't find that particular field. We then need to export this data to excel.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
author avatarEnterprise Software Account Manager at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

Have them look at Micro Focus Unified Functional Test solution and speak with a Solution Engineer for exact use case.

author avatarDuncan Powell (Micro Focus)
Real User

UFT (Unified Functional Testing) would be the best option given the information because it is best suited for developing perpetually changing data/products. But, I’d like to know what kind of data they are looking to export out to Excel.

author avatarFrancesco Pecchioli

In my opinion, Microfocus UFT (Unified Functional Testing) is the right tool for your need and the most valuable tool for Testing Automation.

author avatarJim Ma (Sage Software Australia)

If we leave "Best Automation Tool" aside first, you can design and build the test framework with the ability of a performing data-driven test (which can read test data from or export data to data source (Such as excel file or database table). You can achieve this using the data driver module build-in in Test Complete or other tools, even can achieve this by using a free tool, such as Selenium/Java.

If the name of specific objects, XPath or controls keep changing, then you will have to find out the rule to follow the changes and achieve the control detecting by advanced script kill.

author avatarJacqueline King (Ranorex)

The latest release of Ranorex Studio introduced a machine-trained algorithm for handling dynamic elements. If you tried an older version, you might want to get a free trial of the new version and see if that resolves the issue for you.

author avatarKevin Surace (Appvance)

Appvance's Test designer has self-healing for dynamic accessors. It will fix the scripts by itself as accessors change from build to build using machine learning. It also has the ability to create scripts by itself to add to yours.

author avatarBrian Le Suer (Zeenyx Software, Inc.)

AscentialTest from Zeenyx Software will have no problem with dynamic data.

author avatarAmruta Bendre

The best one I would suggest is to use Cucumber web driver javascript (Node js) open source framework.
Following are the reasons:-
1. Use of regular expression to find an object
2. You can also find an object using regular expression in 'css' and to be precise you can drill down the tree and find the object with that regular expression for multiple attributes
3. Export in excel/csv etc is very quick and easy in Node js. You can also use npm packages which will ease your way of developing and maintaining
code and extracting into any form will become a minutes job.
4. Moreover, Node js is very powerful compared to any other tool, be it a paid one. I have been using Node js for Microsoft CRM testing and it is
promisingly good. Eventually, the react native thing which most of the applications are implementing now like FB, Netflix, Amazon, etc is a Node js
thing. So upgrading the tests to a react native app testing will be easy as well.

The first two points above will keep your page object recognition method intact and you don't need to change it every now and then. You can use the
same approach elsewhere in your code. I have an open source Cucumber js framework which I use for my current project ( I am in a process to create a sample one as well, which anybody can pick up and
start using.

If you can send me the DOM examples of the object you are trying to find, I can send you the sample of the page object definition in JavaScript using a
regular expression.

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What is Functional Testing Tools?

Functional Testing refers to the software testing procedures used in software development. Functional Testing Tools analyze what an application does, versus unit testing which analyzes both what an application segment does and how it functions.

Functional Testing offers a proven technical process for IT Central Station users to check and monitor software, ensuring that the functionality is as anticipated when feeding input and examining the output. Dedicated software testers, as well as DevOps teams, test all software to ensure that it conforms to specified requirements.

IT Central Station users look for an independent benchmark during each stage, stating what has and has not been achieved in the testing process. Best practices in Functional Testing start as soon as a function is online, and continues through the application’s completion and first client contact. IT and DevOps managers will run simultaneous applications on their system, with variable user load fluctuations. Specialists would then anticipate that applications be stable and crash resistant in the face of these conditions.

A user application interface is usually supplied with pre-tested components, so testers do not anticipate many surprises once the software is correctly integrated. However, IT Central Station members are consistently required to write custom applications for increasingly complex systems, making the central functions tested by a functional test more system-related rather than user-related.

Functional Testing users expect it to be self-explanatory and easy to use. Support for running across browsers/devices and robustness are essential. The value of Functional Testing is apparent when tools recognize controls and objects from the “Applications Under Test” and how well they do in handling custom objects or objects not recognized, so resulting data should be easy to understand.

IT Central Station professionals focus on how easy the testing process is to set up, execute and manage, as testing should not require much customer support at all. Functional Testing should offer easy GUI and add to maximum IT department productivity, saving time and improving systems.

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