Zeenyx AscentialTest Valuable Features

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Managing Director at MatryxSoft Tech
Zeenyx AscentialTest has unique features that are unlike other automation tools. Being a QA professional, here is what I like about the product. Let me begin with its most valuable unique features. The Snapshot series feature enables testers not only to identify objects uniquely by specifying options (the path statement is strongly built), but also helps to build the tests using drag and drop. This means to build the test AUT is not required, which saves us a lot of time and helps in developing test faster. The Add and Bind parameter feature allows testers not only to build reusable steps, but in creating inbuilt data and also helps to maintain user-defined records. The TestSet feature is an interesting one that allows running different kinds of tests (sanity, smoke, regression, etc.) with a wide variety of include/exclude options (passed, failed, no run, blocked, automated tests, manual tests) to run in parallel (host-target model) with scheduler in place. The SVN and JIRA features are integrated with the product, so one can perform all versioning actions (checkin, checkout, merge, etc.) and defect logging. This feature allows Jenkins execution with SVN, giving way for a continuous integration model. view full review »
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IT Supervisor at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
Most visual components can be defined by simple drag and drop operations. Reusing the defined objects is intuitive. For more complicated components, Identifying windows and window components is flexible and powerful. Complicated test steps can be defined and reused, particularly helpful for test setup. Adding functionality to visual object classes has helped us extend features of AscentialTest. The most valuable feature of AscentialTest for us is that it fully supports PowerBuilder. view full review »
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Senior Test Engineer at The American Hospital Association
It's easy to create tests because you just drag and drop objects instead of writing code. view full review »
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Sr. QA Engineer at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
The application under test gets flattened out with the snapshots and "pathing" the elements is a natural activity, leading to ease of use with the step development. For example, once a browser test was developed it was easy to keep it maintained after a port from Javascript to Typescript: only a few snapshots were required! The ability to switch to Z mode is very convenient: it aids the test developer with a development background in being productive in those settings, however by the same token the step approach is to be used for many other activities, so the blend leads to a winning IDE, imo. view full review »
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Systems Manager at a renewables & environment company with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Excellent Support for PowerBuilder Applications. * Excellent Test Result Tracking and Test Result Reporting. * Re-usability of steps user defined parts. * Flexible Object recognition and snapshot integration for step creation. * Excel integration was an important factor for my projects. view full review »
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Senior Programmer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Our web site is dynamically generated to each user, so much so that the only testing solution we found was AscentialTest. The unique ability to take a snapshot of a form, have controls on that page dynamically recognized, combined with being able to store all our form variables in a SQL database helped us automate repeatable testing. view full review »

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