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David Strom Inc.
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I am an award-winning writer, speaker, editor, video blogger, and online communications professional who also advises numerous startup and well-established technology ventures. I began my career as an in-house IT analyst and have founded numerous technology print and online publications, such as editor-in-chief of Network Computing magazine and as part of the launch team of PC Week's Connectivity section. I have written two books and spoken around the world at various conferences and been on national radio and television talking about network technologies. I continue to build websites and publish articles on a wide variety of technology topics geared towards networking, security, channel, PC enthusiasts, OEMs, and consumers. Over the years I have written for publications at CMP, IDG, Ziff-Davis, Techtarget, Internet.com and the New York Times about business use of technologies. In addition to these activities, I consult to vendors and evaluate emerging technologies, products, strategies, and trends to help position and improve their technology products.

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