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About 2 years ago
Various factors contribute towards our assessment of fitment and security of a tool for our development and production environment. These include the tool features and how the end product is likely to compromise my production environment. We need to ensure that our…
About 2 years ago
As rightly pointed out by Jason, the start up cost between the two is a big differentiation factor. However, I believe, Blue Prism is also fairly easy to use for a non-program as the tool provides a huge set of activities, which can be used unambiguously, as long as a person…
Over 2 years ago
Thanks Vimal for the review. I agree with you. It is difficult for one to get RPA developer certified with the current training infra provided.
Over 2 years ago
What pop-ups are facing problem with. Let me know if you need help.



About 2 years ago
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Over 2 years ago
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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A stellar track record in ensuring optimum Solutioning, Architecting, Designing, Developing, and Testing of Integrated Automation solutions. Thorough understanding of Robotic Process Automation (UiPath Advanced Certified), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
Extensive experience in heading BUs, Program and Project management, Quality Engineering, with complete people responsibility, products and services.

I have extensive experience in Integrate Automation (including RPA), Program Management, Project Management, and Quality Engineering with specialization in complete SDLC, hands-on with proficiency in End to End Test management (Manual and Automation) including test strategy development, test planning, test execution and delivery. I have been working on various initiatives in Robotic Process Automation using UiPath and have capability to work with other technology stacks too.

- Advanced UiPath Certification- RPA Developer
- UiPath- Robot Master badge, Solutions Architect, Orchestrator, Business Analysis, Infrastructure, and Fundamental (Basic)
- Scrum Alliance- CSM
- The Institutes- AINS-24