What is Test Data Management?

Test Data Management (TDM) refers to the supervision and administration of enterprise architectures, methods and policies to successfully manage the value of the data and information lifecycle in-house or from outside vendor sources.

Test Data Management is important to IT Central Station users who are tasked with managing data across an entire organization. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are put in place in order for Test Data Management to be consistent with guidelines and procedures developed for the daily functioning of a company. IT managers and DevOps are looking for robust test automation that is flexible, dynamic and able to be efficiently deployed. In order to adhere to company directives, IT managers and DevOps use various key software on-premises, in the cloud, the hybrid cloud and across mobile devices. Test Data Management should deliver data security and copying speed, and increase virtual and automation efficiency. The strategy for developing and facilitating TDM implementation should address variables of data verification, data confidentiality, disk space and prolonged test duration.

IT managers and DevOps align with critical data compliance and confidentiality. Because integrated, sensitive data, business classification and policy-driven data masking are integral to security, IT Central Station users look for a safe and secure environment in which to test data and prefer that Test Data Management ensures that each test begins with a consistent data state, important in maintaining predictable data at the end of testing. Overseeing visible test results and the effects on a database is vital and would be almost impossible to achieve manually. IT and DevOps need to effectively monitor data in order to serve Enterprise needs and outcomes, therefore Test Data Management deployment is the best solution for maintaining protocol and serving the professionals involved.

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