Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) Primary Use Case

Shawn Connors
Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Manager at George Washington's Mount Vernon
We have two servers and they're both VMs. Every network system is issued a certificate and each device coming onto the network has to be on the domain with an active AD user logging into it. It needs an up-to-date AMP, which is our Cisco malware and virus scan product and it also needs to have the most current Microsoft security updates and the three layers that we're using: The core VPN, the Network Access Manager and the ISE profiler. When it goes through all those different things on every port on the switch, there are commands for it to be able to go through an ACL so it knows what users are there, what server, and what devices have been put onto the domain. It can verify all that. The user can then proceed on to the network. We've set it so that regular users are VLAN'd off and can only see the data network through ISE and are blocked from seeing the rest of the network. Depending on the department needs or other factors, we have cameras for security which are on a different VLAN, and they can see those. We also have something for O&M where the AC guy can see the AC equipment, and we can prevent all the VLAN's from being viewed by everybody. We are customers of Cisco and I'm the infrastructure and Cyber security manager. View full review »
Joe Feghaly
My primary use case of this solution is for access control for authentication and for the authorization of wireless users. View full review »
Security Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees
We use this solution to authenticate the domain users and if someone is not the domain user to make them a guest. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine). Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
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Alfred Polela
OPCO IT Manager at MTN
We use this solution to protect the network especially when someone brings their own device and to lock out access to anybody connecting to the network. Also to make sure that the people connect to the correct VLAN. So, mainly for security wifi access so that when people want to connect to our wifi they have to log in using their credentials. View full review »
Max Ayoti
Supervisor IT Security at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
We primarily use the solution for network admission control. View full review »
Corporate Information Technology Security Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
We use Cisco ISE for 802.1 network authentication. View full review »
Network Administrator at a government with 51-200 employees
It's a network access manager. View full review »
Hassan Ayoub
Technology Manager at Advanced Integrated Systems
We are a system integrator and Cisco ISE is one of the products that we sell and implement at our customers side. I have built ISE's POC and provided training to our customers. I also used real rent lab which was including; Active Directory integration, network access and core switches, access points, wireless access controller, and end points. (some end points have cisco client - anyconnect, and have not), and Web Server for creating wireless authentication portal solution end to end The AAA features were awesome and have important attributes, and also the security groups (SGTs) concept to enforce policies for each group of users, regardless they coming via wired or wireless network devices. also i see the guest authentication is very rich and easy tom implement View full review »
Presales Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Our company doesn't use Cisco ISE internally. We act as the solution reseller. Our business model is set up to provide a network-based approach for adaptable, trusted access to our clients. We provide our clients with intelligent, integrated protection through intent-based policy and compliance solutions. View full review »
Francois Van Vuuren
Solutions Manager at EOH
We are a reseller of Cisco ISE. View full review »
Technical Systems Analyst at NJC
We use this solution to provide wireless for our residence halls and guest networks. We're also a college that works primarily off of iPads, so we have to be able to keep resident hall activity off of the network so that students can do their homework and class activities. We use the Services Engine to authorize all of them. View full review »
Jose Tom
Manager - IT Security & Process Compliance at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
My primary use case for this solution is as a server for my networking devices. View full review »
Rogerio Farias Dos Santos
Information Security System Specialist at everis New Company Erifson
We use it to aid the tools that we make and to sponsor and get flow. View full review »
Group Electrical Engineer Consultants at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees
Our primary use case is to grant access to users, we deploy the bring your own device policy. View full review »
Network Engineer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
We use Cisco ISE for network management, user access for enterprise clients, and advanced firewall support. We use Cisco ISE on domains and clients jointly with other network software utilities. View full review »
Bachir Elsitt
Network Security Engineer at Data Consult
My primary use case of this solution is to protect the website from web attacks. View full review »
IT Specialist at Armstrong flooring, inc.
We use this solution to monitor and secure devices on our network. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine). Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
442,986 professionals have used our research since 2012.