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Bizagi is ranked 5th in Business Process Management with 8 reviews while Bonita is ranked 9th in Business Process Management with 3 reviews. Bizagi is rated 8.4, while Bonita is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Bizagi writes "We moved our clients from Intalio BPMS to Bizagi". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Bonita writes "Integration with Java is an advantage but a more user friendly interface is needed". Bizagi is most compared with Visio, Camunda BPM and Bonita, whereas Bonita is most compared with Camunda BPM, Bizagi and IBM BPM. See our Bizagi vs. Bonita report.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

The product has a comfortable GUI and a good environment for users.I like all of the features. I like that you can simulate the processes and add the time standard.The free online Help and E-Learning is very strong.With the appropriate governance framework, properly trained business analysts can be empowered to design and build business solutions themselves.Bizagi is a very useful tool because it does not require you to program. The user logic is very easy to understand even for people who are not engineers or developers.The main feature of Bizagi is the speed to which we can automate processes and how we can modify them without a strong impact on the end users.The user logic is very easy to understand, even for people who are not engineers nor developers.It has an easy to use interface which final users accepted with much more enthusiasm than our ERP (SAP).

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I really enjoy using the workflow management.Compared to other products on the market, Bonita presents a pretty acceptable level of robustness.It is a great product that is powerful in developing applications.

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It needs some better notation functionality.The performance could use improvement. We couldn't connect the processes to on one file. The performance is an issue for us.It is difficult to drive ROI on types of processes involving complex business rules.For very large projects and deployments, the automated "One Click" deployment wizard can sometimes take a long time to complete.One of the features which could be improved is machine learning. Even though this product has been working on this topic, we can see that it still requires improvement.Also, the tool sometimes feels not so mature when we find random deploy errors from testing to production environment.It would be helpful if they added some extra features in the next update.Framework approach, which extends to reusability in tools, like Pega, for deployment management could be improved.

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We are struggling a bit with integrations.It would be nice to have a wizard to help walk through the development process and create a backbone.There is a considerable learning curve.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
It is only necessary to pay for licenses when ready to deploy applications to production.If they can freeze the pricing in a contract, I advise them to do so.It is on par with other BPM tools, but not as expensive as Pega nor Appian.

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The Community Edition comes free of charge.I believe this is a very good financial choice.

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Answers from the Community
Nurit Sherman
Brad PridgeonReal User

I found BizAgi to have a superior modeling tool, but as stated it only runs on .NET platforms and deployment seemed to be a challenge.

BonitaBPM was easier to customize a BPM application and easier to deploy. Its modeling tool is Eclipse based and seemed not as easy for a novice to use.

08 August 18
Art Hebbeler, PMPConsultant

Bizagi has an outstanding model as far as cost and licensing. Design, build, test for no cost. License when you are ready to deploy and only pay for what you actually use. This alone is saving my organization a ton of cash, and was a huge factor in making the decision to deploy Bizagi.

From a technical standpoint, we haven't found anything we can't do in Bizagi. The ability to connect to disparate systems, and especially our legacy data, without having to convert everything up front is a huge time saver. We were, for example, able to take a process that took 2 years to develop and deploy and get it into production in less than 9 weeks, and that was with a team with only self-study and one classroom course.

I started as a low-code/no-code skeptic. After exploring what is available today (warning: I've been around since the dark ages and remember the promises of "expert systems"), and especially looking at the cost-benefit and ROI side of things, Bizagi wins hand's down.

07 August 18
Murugappan RamanathanConsultant

Both software can do most of what we need. Bizagi is based on windows dot Net platform whereas Bonita is Open Source platform. In our case, we found that the back-end BPM Engine from Bizagi and Bonita were tedious piece of software. Not simple and easy as they claim to be. You have to be a techie to do most things.

What we do is we use the Bizagi modeler, which is far better than Bonita, but use Shark Enhydra BPM Engine which is simple and easy to use and deploy. Now, even this is becoming a challenge in the absence of Business Rule Engine. If you have to make a choice between Bizagi and Bonita, depending on which is important, i would go for Bizagi for functionality but decide on Bonita as the server platform is cheaper and faster. Windows server is Yukkie! Its is also true that Java based application are a real pain in the behind when you don't have any techie (who knows BPM!) behind you. The problem lies in the both these engines as they are not process too;ls at all. They just automate the functions. I am yet to find one that actually runs on purely PHP/Apache platform. That will be easy to deploy and configure.

In conclusion, i would suggest you get a business application product that has BPM engine built-in. One example is the open source CRM software called Espocrm. This one is pretty good and does not need much of techie help. Another one is Yeti CRM. We use Espocrm in our company to manage all customer profiles. One Important point is that: None of the software we have bench marked contain even a basic level business rule component. The worse is if you purchase a standalone Business Rule Engine and try to integrate with either of this software. It will be a nightmare. We are still looking for a BPM tool with integrated BRE.

08 August 18
Sr. Business Analyst with 1,001-5,000 employeesUser

Bizagi is a competent, repository-based, modeling tool that integrates smoothly with their execution engine.

I haven’t worked with Bonita; from their website, it also looks competent. Other issues to consider when adopting a BPMS tool is the installed base and financial strength of the vendor; I suspect Bizagi has the edge there.

07 August 18
Daniel LemeszenskiConsultant

If you need a tool just to model processes, bizagi is more user friendly.
However, for process automation, since my team is used to java, bonita is better.

04 January 19
Art Hebbeler, PMPConsultant

Folks are saying Bizagi is .NET only. They offer a Java-based version as well, but personally, I avoid Java like the plague.

09 August 18
Luis YndigoyenReal User

I have been working on implementing BPM tools and suites since 2006. As many of my colleagues pointing out, the right solution for a company depends on several factors that below to characteristics like Company (size and strategic initiatives for the next months and years), Technical capabilities (current and projected), the platform technologies that will interact on the BPM project/initiative and also if the project is an initiative or a short-term project. Over this, the most important enabler will be the budget for the project and the availability of a technical team with on-hands experience. Saying that both tools could be the best fit for different clients and projects.

08 August 18
Mihir ChandraUser

The choice would also depend on the technical skills available in the team (.net tilted towards Bizagi and opensource more than Bonitasoft, infrastructure they have . Learning time graph in my experience has been more on BonitaSoft compared to Bizagi.
Also I would suggest to do more analysis on what are long term need for BPM in the target organization and based on that choose a BPM platform

08 August 18
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Bizagi is a global leader in digital process automation software. The Digital Business Platform from Bizagi delivers rapid process automation across the enterprise. The platform wraps around existing IT systems, giving organizations the immediate business agility and process orchestration required to compete in the digital economy. We help ignite the digital transformation programs of more than 500 enterprise customers across 50 countries across the globe, assisted by an international network of partners and a global community of over 500,000 process pioneers.

Bizagi has successfully delivered some of the most demanding process automation and digital transformation projects in the world, working with global brands like GE, adidas, Mars and Audi, among many others. Bizagi offers an incredibly robust and proven solution, capable of integrating seamlessly with existing enterprise assets and systems, including SAP and SharePoint.

Bonitasoft helps innovative companies worldwide deliver better digital user experiences for customers and employees. The extensible and open Bonita application platform unleashes the full potential of multidisciplinary development teams to create Living Apps: applications that allow continuous and incremental improvement, connecting tailored user interfaces with reliable back-office operations.
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adidas Group, GE Capital, Mars, Audi, Santander, Telefonica, BNP Paribas, Air France & many more - 500+ customer globally.With more than 1000 customers in 75 countries, and its ecosystem of more than 120,000 members, Bonitasoft is the largest provider of open-source Business Process Management, Low-code and Digital Transformation software worldwide.
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371,639 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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