KVM Room for Improvement

Buddy Parker
Founder at Element Flux

From my skill set and what I'm capable of, I wouldn't know how to say what could be improved as it works exceptionally well. I know that things can always be improved. 

One thing that maybe could be improved is making it easier to scale. It needs to be more clear on how to scale the storage space for virtual machines. That's one thing that's a little bit confusing. That's more systems administration, in general. If they would make it a little easier to do, then you wouldn't have to have so much systems admin knowledge in order to use one feature.

I tried to follow the information provided, however, then the partitions were added, the logical drive, and it didn't actually end up being initialized correctly. I'm pretty sure it's due to my own error, and not using it correctly. However, if they would have been clear on how to do it, or if they could even build a command that literally executes the necessary commands for you, just by typing, or using the virtual manager, that would have been helpful.

I've only used the solution for a short period of time, so maybe it's there, however, I'd like it if maybe they could combine some network manager type item in there to be able to bridge connections a little easier. Then, you wouldn't have to do it as a separate task. Perhaps their existing network management already includes that. I'm not sure.

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Solution Architect, IT Consultant at Merdasco - Rayan Merdas Data Prosseccing

This solution is lacking in features such as management and integration.

  • This solution needs better integration with desktop virtualization.
  • Better integration with storage solutions is needed.
  • Business continuity features need to be added.
  • The live migration needs to be improved.
  • You cannot run this application in a data center using only the GUI, so you have to have some knowledge with Linux in order to best manage it.
  • Better network management software is needed.
  • Features like vSAN are not available on KVM.
  • Integration with Kubernetes would be an improvement.

Generally, this solution should be made easier to use. Many customers don't have enough experience with Linux or a deep understanding of operating systems, and they just want to use the product. This together with a lack of features has led customers to choose VMware.

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System Engineer at NoBoring Lda

The virtual manager and the graphical QEMU for KVM need some improvement.

In the next release, I would like to see some changes made to the dashboard as it would be nice to see some icons and some graphics when you are showing this solution to clients.

MOP made some changes to the dashboard, but it made it more difficult and it's a bit complicated. Maybe this was done intentionally because this is an open-source solution with technical support as an additional fee.

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Ernesto HernáNdez
Project Leader at Logicalis

The initial setup of this solution is more difficult than some of the competing products and it could be improved.

I would like to be able to see virtual networking integrated with the virtual machine.

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Software Architect with 501-1,000 employees

In the future release of KVM, I would like to have improved support for Windows guests.

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Business Engineer and Consultant at All-Tech

The solution should be more user friendly despite that some interesting graphical solutions are available to manage the VMs. it would be usefull that the solution integrate the VM snapshot features and make it graphical, so we have a VM infrastructure more complete and easy the backup/restore in case of issue.

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Founder at a retailer with 1-10 employees

Its resource usage can be improved. 

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Principal Engineer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

full interoprability with vm format (ova, ovf, ..) for been aable to move forward or backward to another virtualization solution

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Learn what your peers think about KVM. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2021.
475,291 professionals have used our research since 2012.