75 Points5 Years
Job function
Microsoft System Engineer
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Years of experience
2-5 years
Company name
Summit Technology Solution
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2 years experience as System Engineer.
flexible and adaptable to any IT work environment .
Job includes, Pre-Sales, Proposing, Designing, and Implementing Microsoft Technologies
Oversee the administration and maintenance of problem tracking software.
Proactive problem solver, implementing solutions with careful consideration to the bottom line, long-range goals, feasibility and ease of use.
high-performance teams committed to quality.
Handle crisis situation in a calm and capable manner.
Diverse technical experience.
Strong communications and interpersonal skills.
Critical thinking, problem solving, design, and most critically, attention to performance, scalability, reliability, availability at the system and compliment level.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Implementing Office 365 remotely Migration at Baja KSA