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6 months ago
When you evaluate any solution many factors play an important role in the pricing. The same applies here. If you are looking for a backup infrastructure that can serve you in the cloud era that contains all the elements of backup solution, then costing of Rubrik is very…
6 months ago
The hardware hosting the solution. Vxrail is an engineered appliance from Dell to host vSAN. In addition vSAN can be installed on any hardware that meets its requirements 
8 months ago
Veeam B&R fits in any environment where you want to protect your workloads and especially in a virtualized one. Another appalling use case if you have a current setup (servers and storage) that you want to leverage for backup uses. It will fit also in small environments. It…
10 months ago
Your business needs must be the main driver for selecting your backup and recovery solution. Look to what are the needs and translate it in terms of RPO, RTO, and retention then reflect these measures to see what solution can achieve these measures for workloads.