Citrix ShareFile Benefits

IT Manager at a construction company with 51-200 employees
Prior to ShareFile, we had an FTP site, which was much more challenging to maintain and users had difficulty accessing and understanding the FTP process. Since there was no Outlook integration with FTP, large files had to be manually uploaded to the FTP site and then an e-mail had to be sent letting the intended recipient know that the files were available. ShareFile allows us to easily add new internal (licensed) and external (free) users and give them access to multiple project folders very quickly with a single login. Users can reset their own passwords. Project team members also receive notifications (configurable) when new files are added to the project folders. Admins of the project folders can optional be notified when files are downloaded. View full review »
Rodney Barnhardt
Server\Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
We are able to securely share large files by providing external partners the ability to download or upload data. There is also a notification feature that lets the user know a file has been downloaded or uploaded. This prevents someone from saying they did not receive the file. View full review »
We implement this solution at many customer sites which directly affects productivity and gives the customer a very flexible solution. The customers have the possibility to give access to their applications and data, but the data itself won’t leave their data centers. View full review »

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