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Dan withrow li?1414336181
Real User
Senior Manager of Engineering at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Jan 30 2018

What do you think of XenServer?

Primary Use Case Virtualization platform that was easy to maintain for our staff expertise and allowed for inexpensive licensing when support was required. • Improvements to My Organization Allowed us to maintain a desired level of high availability between our XenServer farms. Increased our response time to backend errors. • Valuable Features All features of the product are valuable, depends on the situation. I have used all of the features at one time or another. • Room for Improvement Integrated workload balancing and virtual switch management that doesn't require another virtual appliance to control. • Use of Solution More than five years. • Stability Issues Rock Solid for the most part, of course, as with any technology there are software patches required...

Citrix Projects

Check out these projects from our community members.
Bring Your Own
Implemented a BYOD strategy on a shoestring budget by using technologies already implemented for other business... more»
SAS Software - XenApp 7.6
SAS Software - XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Consultancy. Designed and implemented a new XD... more»

Citrix Questions

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Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Mar 15 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Proxmox VE vs XenServer  Which of these two solutions would you recommend for Server Virtualization Software? Why? Thanks!--Rhea
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Fábio RabeloMy 5 cents : Go with Proxmox . It is NOT just a wrapper for KVM, it has a... more»
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Mario-FernandezIt's easy, with the new version of XenServer you lose several features that... more»

Citrix Consultants

Fazal ur rehman shah li?1414334820
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
- An astute professional with over 20 years of experience in IT Project Management, IT Infrastructure Management & Service Delivery, Networking & Systems Administration with technical expertise in the implementation, operations and support functions of mission-critical business solutions... more>>
Reviewed ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: We use it for ticket logging. I'd like more automation.
Srengineer672 li?1421917315
Cedric parish pmp li?1414337558
Senior IT Consultant/Program Mgmt
Information systems professional with a 15+ year background in project management, systems analysis, programming, e-Business, and Internet sales/marketing within the healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, financial services and research industries. Proven abilities in organizing management... more>>
Reviewed SQL Server: Performance Monitoring
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Solution Architect
I'm a solution architect and an IT veteran, working in IT since ’93, the last 8+ years for PQR. My primary focus is End User Computing. I'm unbiased, with a focus on all EUC vendors making sure the customer will get the best solution possible. I'm a VMware vExpert and a member of the VMware EUC... more>>

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