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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"In general, this product has improved our organization because it makes accessing up-to-date processes and planning a lot easier.""The ease of creating some of the maps and diagrams is most valuable. Lucidchart is just simpler and works more intuitively than other solutions that I have used in the past, such as Microsoft Visio. I am not in a creative role, but I know how to use Adobe Illustrator and other solutions like that. If I need to map out something that I've never mapped out before, and it is going to need a totally custom graphic, eight times out of 10, I'm going to go to Lucidchart rather than trying to build it in Illustrator. Its intuition and flexibility are really big features for me.""For documenting processes and systems, I would rate the solution a nine out of 10. I'm not aware of any other software that is as usable as this, because of the templates. They make documenting these things really easy.""I love the simplicity and how clean all the different boxes, arrows, and charts can be. Especially with something complicated like our sales flow, it could be really easy to be all cluttered and everything like that, but my favorite feature is how clean it is, how straightforward it makes our flow look, and how easy it is to understand. Lucidchart accommodates both Mac and PC users which is important to us because at my company right now, our sales floor and then every other computer we have as a company is a Mac, but a lot of our employees actually have PCs and Android as well. So it's really beneficial because if we're ever on the go or we need to make a change, it's versatile and is open for both Mac and PC.""The interface is really good and it is very easy to use.""The interface is very good and easy to use. We don't need documentation on how to use it. It is self-explanatory, which is very convenient for a new user.""Lucidchart's capabilities for visualizing and understanding process flows or workflows is excellent. The way that you put together the parts of charts and edit the chart are all very intuitive and easy to use.""Using Lucidchart for documenting processes is great. The elements are ready to use and it is quick to do."

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"Process Manager supports end-to-end transformation. Students can better understand end-to-end activity and processes as well as how they are run. For teaching, it's process discovery, then modeling, and finally optimization and simulation, partly. Typically, we showcase some simulation of the processes, and this is where we finish. That is why we validate that it's properly designed, but also what are the outcomes of modeled processes. There are also options for discussion on process optimization.""The most valuable feature is that you can customize it completely with all of the attributes that you need.""It is possible to do the whole drafting process at the same time in Sagnavio so you don't have a double effort of writing it once, arranging it and entering it again.""This product has helped us to work within standards for process planning.""The most valuable feature is the glossary. It is really nice because all of the information is centralized, and that is a big help to the company.""The most valuable feature for me is the collaboration point of view, where everybody has a single view, or source of truth, and everybody sees the same thing. Everyone can comment, contribute, and discuss the processes itself, which makes it easier to funnel down the most value adding comments and make the relevant changes to the processes. This leads to the next best iteration or version of your process.""We could increase the transparency and speed for the new ERP introduction. The status and changes by the new system are now clear to everybody and it is a great tool to train the people.""The collaboration function in the project views is valuable because people can comment on the processes and we can respond."

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"If you're trying to expand a comments box that is sitting on top of the chart, it automatically defaults to assuming you're trying to connect it to the next step in the process, when all you're trying to do is make the box bigger. It automatically goes to the arrow, but I just want to resize the box. That gets a little cumbersome because it does it every single time. It's not just a bug.""One of the major drawbacks is that we have to extract the work in Lucidchart as an image when we want to create a presentation.""This might already be a feature, but I remember sometimes when we're just all viewing, if you accidentally click, then there's an arrow that pops up, and you have to go back and delete it. A lot of times there are accidental arrows being drawn when really we're just trying to present to each other.""It can have more colors or graphics. Currently, it is a little boring. It can have a little bit more fun factor.""It would be really helpful if we could create a process flow based on a Word Document or a PPT file.""I would like to have access to more colorful and more vibrant icons.""When I download a flowchart as a PDF file, it breaks it up. I would like to see the continuous display of flow charts, even if they are larger than one page.""I would really like to be able to set default appearance settings for new documents because I have a set of appearance settings that I always use. I end up setting that manually every time. There may be a way to do that, and maybe I am not able to find it. This is my only major point of feedback for improvement. There are other little nitpicky things, such as being able to lock layers without them looking like a big red line around them would be nice, but every graphic design software does that, so I understand why they have that. All my concerns are nitpicks. They're not big."

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"Part of the product that I think can improve is document control. That's currently not even possible. To work with documents we have something of a workaround using SharePoint.""If you start from scratch then I think this product would be ideal, but if you already have something then it may or may not suit you.""There is always room for improvement is the capability of integration with other solutions.""Customized reporting can be improved to make this a more versatile tool.""It could be more flexible from a customization point of view, where the user is able to display only whatever he needs.""I would like to see the inclusion of some document management functionality so that we don't need to integrate with a second solution to accommodate this.""Moreover, the functionality to show different process variations with "views" could be improved to allow more customization of these views. I believe this would increase the user experience and administrative efforts maintaining these process variations.""We would like a better way to give users the correct permissions for processes, whether to view or design."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"I have only used the trial version and have not yet paid for it, or explored the pricing options.""Its pricing is very affordable and reasonable for the features that it provides. I am using its basic plan, and for my usage, it is perfectly reasonable. It suits perfectly.""There is a nominal charge for the paid version of the product. They have a free version available and from what I could see, there was not much difference between it and the pro version.""Lucidchart's pricing model is not excessive, as compared to similar products. It is pretty much in line with everyone else.""I'm happy with the pricing of Lucidchart but I can't say I'm completely happy with it. It could be cheaper for what it offers, about $5 cheaper, or Lucid could charge $5 more and add more features, like automation. Right now, it's $15 per user per month... On the other hand, they have made their billing super-easy for users, such as for people who have to do expense reports. It is probably the easiest platform I'm using when it comes to billing for software as a service.""We signed up for the month-to-month and it charged us all at once for the whole year. I believe we signed up for the $7.99 one. I think that was the price.""The licensing is pretty cost-effective but I haven't considered it on an enterprise level.""Pricing comes in at about $100 for a year's subscription, which is very reasonable if this is a tool that you will use more than once."

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"SaaS has no setup cost, just licensing fees.""This solution provides really great value for the money.""We are only able to use the free academic licenses because we have a financial constraint. We are not able to pay for commercial licenses to use this kind of tool."

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Our online diagram application makes it easy to sketch and share professional flowchart diagrams.  From brainstorming to project management, we support all of your communication needs. 
That’s why millions of users choose Lucidchart.

The Signavio portfolio of web-based business transformation solutions helps companies to understand and optimize all of their business processes quickly and at scale, providing instant insights for informed decision-making. Signavio’s intuitive analysis, change management and execution solutions around process excellence include use cases like digital transformation, operational excellence and customer-centricity, placing them at the heart of global organizations.

Over 1 million users in more than 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on Signavio products to make processes part of their company’s DNA. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Signavio was founded in 2009 to address the need for a collaborative approach to process management.

Signavio was acquired by SAP in the first quarter of 2021. For more information, visit www.signavio.com

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Lucidchart is ranked 2nd in Mind Mapping Software with 50 reviews while SAP Signavio Process Manager is ranked 2nd in Business Process Design with 24 reviews. Lucidchart is rated 8.6, while SAP Signavio Process Manager is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Lucidchart writes "Organizational charts help to visualize and understand team hierarchies and relationships". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAP Signavio Process Manager writes "Enables us to identify business analysts that are working on two different things and link up efforts". Lucidchart is most compared with Lucidspark, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, Visio, Visual Paradigm and iObeya, whereas SAP Signavio Process Manager is most compared with Celonis, ARIS BPA, Camunda Platform, Visio and Appian.

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