Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Room for Improvement

Northern Europe IT Business Intelligence Manager at Adecco
I would like to see the integration with Teams reinforced. If you could have some SharePoint pages inside of teams, I think it could be useful. If you want to use data as a repository then you can have it there. That is one way, but also it depends on what Microsoft is trying to do. If they are planning to disaggregate SharePoint and just use Teams as the mainframe or they still want to keep it. I think that if they can bring some of the key components of what useful in both products then I think that can help the users. More and more, people are starting to try to find one unique channel where they can have everything in one place. You can still have a lot of applications that you can use, but you still have one interface. That's what I think Microsoft Teams is trying to do, which is to give you one interface where you can use it for communication, control, to check how is your team behaving, and to have web meetings. There is more usability from an end-user perspective to continue to use the full scope of Microsoft products. This included integrating products as much as possible. View full review »
Director of Operations at NEOnet Inc
If you're a legacy, long-term user of SharePoint, there are challenges moving forward to the newer user experience that works with groups. It is a complex migration process and there's a lot of manual effort involved. If a file is moved or renamed then the links to it are broken. Ideally, a unique internal and persistent identifier should be used to access files to prevent this problem. When you start building a large repository of several hundred thousand or millions of documents that represent decades of history, you may want to enhance the name of something that was really poorly described in the past. However, if there's an external link to a website or an external link that you might've saved within your own office to access that content, it becomes annoying when you break things. It would be nice if they would abstract that so that it's an internal structure that uniquely identifies the document version, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the file name or its location within SharePoint. I know that there is some degree of workflow in SharePoint, but there isn't easy awareness of what that means and how to easily utilize it. I think there can be some enhancements done there to make it a lot easier for people to, for example, migrate a paper process to be a workflow for permissions or authorization, thereby leveraging the SharePoint platform. The ability to preview files in different formats should be expanded to include formats such as embedded postscript (EPS), AutoCAD, and Adobe Acrobat PDF. You can open them online, but that's an extra step and it would be nice to have a thumbnail to quickly review the content in that folder. That, to me, is a missing opportunity. These are known standards that file managers can work with. View full review »
One of the reasons why we don't recommend the cloud version of SharePoint is the cost. With the on-premise version, you pay for the license once. For the cloud version, there is a recurring fee. The truth is there are some places where SharePoint is pretty decent for the thing that it does. Microsoft has a very good product. It's difficult to find room for improvement because you can get add-ons that support it. With SharePoint, if you are not subscribed to the SharePoint environment libraries, you can probably get third party tools that you can add on to it. It's difficult to see other tools that allow people to collaborate on documents and data in these libraries. I think these tools do a pretty good job. There is only one area of improvement. Maybe Microsoft can invest a little bit more into the ease at which integration can be done with other third-party applications. I know that Microsoft released SharePoint 2016, but I don't know if there is SharePoint 2019. We have only worked with the higher version of SharePoint since 2013. I don't know how much they have done in the area of integration. I think integration is a very important area of focus for SharePoint because it's very easy for SharePoint to become the go-to area, where everybody in your organization can come. Your costs, documents, sites, lists, and data can all be in one place. I would like to see them make it easier for people who are not using Exchange to connect to different data sources. For example, a lot of people are using Google Apps. If I'm using Google Apps, there are plugins that we can just plug into SharePoint automatically to share documents and Google spreadsheets seamlessly. A Google spreadsheet can be imported into a SharePoint library. You can also point a SharePoint library to a Google spreadsheet, or the data source coming out of Google spreadsheet. Integration also should include tools like Tableau, Salesforce, and some of the top software out there. It's not good enough to have website integration. That's not enough. You want to make an integration where Microsoft can build a wizard and you can just click a few times to create the integration. Then, just enter your username and password and point to the URL. Those custom integrations are crucial, especially for smaller businesses. For large organizations that are deploying SharePoint in the enterprise, they already have an IT department, resources, and tons of administrators. They already have resources that can quickly build web services, called drivers or connectors. For small organizations, however, it would be good for Microsoft to invest in connectors. Microsoft can build and provide connectors for some of the more frequently used integrations, such as PayPal, Google Apps, Salesforce, SAP, etc. I think that would be great. There is another area that Microsoft can improve on. I don't know what they have done with InfoPath. I think that's still a mystery. There's still a very big opportunity for form development and apps development framework that you can use quickly. Otherwise, Microsoft is telling everybody to go and buy two licenses to do serious forms of development. I think that's going to be a problem. I know that they're trying to encourage their partners to build those tools. However, workflows and easier to use and more robust forms infrastructure on top of SharePoint would go a long way. It is very expensive. They expect everyone to pay $20 or $30 per user per month. Microsoft can definitely help if they can build some of those capabilities, especially for people that want to invest in SharePoint. You're not investing much in to get some of the functionalities out. View full review »
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Management Consultant, Technical Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It is a bit restrictive to develop in the cloud version. A lot of features are in the cloud now, and you have to develop on the outside. As far as the platform and the programming side of things are concerned, it is moving more towards configuration management rather than programming. When we are doing solutions, we are basically just configuring it to make solutions happen rather than actually using the Visual Studio code and developing from scratch in the cloud. It is almost like creating an app. You have created an app for your phone, but the app doesn't really sit on your phone. It sits somewhere on a server, and the database sits on another server. The app is just pulling and pushing information. The whole development has changed. We used to install things directly on the server and then run the application from the server. Now, it is more of a modular architecture. View full review »
Senior Product Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
The product has a lot of room for improvement. A lot. The UIs are really clunky and Microsoft needs to fix that. Their access control is horrible and they need to fix that as well. I think overall that the look-and-feel and usability are really 10 years old. They have not done anything to improve and update it over that time. It is a good product. But updating it is definitely something they should look into. I do not know what their strategy is for lagging with the redesign of that. It needs better usability and enhanced features. I think SharePoint does allow you to create websites, but if you compare it with the other providers like even Google sites or Google pages, those solutions make it so much easier to create those pages. SharePoint is not up to speed on that functionality. I think that is something they can probably easily do. View full review »
Delivery Manager at Gesel
It would be nice if you could use it out of the box or have something with more CRM-like functionality. If there could be some sort-of out of the box free option within SharePoint that would be nice. It's not easy to manage projects on it. They should work to simplify this. Sharepoint has a limitation for certain applications. There's a limit whereby you can only have an application that allows 5,000 items on a list. When you create a list that is bigger than this, SharePoint locks you from doing anything else. You can overcome this. The administrator can just increase the limit. Of course, this is not a good practice to have. If you want to try to understand how can you make the application that does not bypass this limit there is not a clear answer from Microsoft. This is the issue we are facing right now and we're trying to develop a solution or an algorithm that will work within the respected limits but it is not easy and Microsoft does not help. They don't have a clear explanation as to why this is, and they do not have a clear statement warning you about this. If they were just be transparent, we'd have our parameters defined and we'd be able to ensure applications adhered to them. View full review »
Product Development Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The areas around security, such as protection and things like that have not been available, and I think the product could be improved in that area, particularly when you are scanning documents from the scanners for sharing. IBM has got the capability in their content management solution, but SharePoint doesn't have it. It's an area where the competition already has those features, so including it would go a long way to ensuring that the software is at least above the requirements. I'd like to see security protection as an additional feature. I'd also like to see features on AI, on artificial intelligence. I know IBM has a product and their mobile capture application that is scalable on Android, so iOS uses the AI to really help you capture a document using your phone. So whenever you're taking the photo of the document, AI is available to crop through the document to auto-check for you, and it captures the angle for that document just using your phone. It uses AI to read documents such as invoices, and it's able to auto-capture your invoice number, the date, etc. All of this is AI-enabled, so it is AI that is reading the invoice and getting key parameters from the document such as the invoice number, the date, the purchase amount, and it populates this in the content management. This is a feature that I'd really like to see in SharePoint, and their use of AI to help in content management terms. View full review »
Senior Consultant at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Many of our customers would like to see an OCR feature, so it would be very good to have this in a future release. For example, you have invoices that have been scanned and uploaded into the SharePoint document library. If you are attaching the metadata along with the particular document then it is fine because you can search it well. However, if it is a PDF from an invoice that you scanned, then you will not be able to search for the details. You will only be able to search for it by name. Many of my customers are requesting a feature like this and will go ahead with the product once it is there. Technical support for this solution can be improved. Migrating a site to SharePoint online is not recommended, but it should be made smoother because customers demand it. There should be a good solution for this. SharePoint would benefit from having more plugins available for it. Microsoft Forms should have more features. The basics are there, but we need to be able to connect directly to the database. Line-level entry should also be there. View full review »
SharePoint Architect at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Microsoft is working to improve the solution daily. They're always adding more features and functionalities. The solution needs to have more flexibility. The classic version had more flexibility, however, the modern version has many more limitations. View full review »
Senior Project Manager at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The user interface needs improvement because there is a lot of stuff in there. I use five to eight navigation buttons. It should be more user-friendly. Frequently used menu items should be arranged in a proper way. That would be helpful. View full review »
Mike Apale
Business Systems Analyst at Digital14 UAE
The solution could probably be improved by incorporating some of the power apps for workflow and easy set up. I usually get most of the workflows in automated mode and we're barely using the full features of SharePoint. I think it could be simplified so it doesn't require coding. For example, if there's an ad hoc workflow, it could be added immediately instead of going to a different application. If they could incorporate and enhance the user friendliness of SharePoint with the workflow of SharePoint, that would be great. I'm not sure it's feasible for SharePoint to integrate with mobile gadgets as an additional feature but if they were able to do that, it would mean that even if you have external documents, they can be extended to any variable whether it's a gadget, tablet, watch or whatever. Right now, the SharePoint site can be rendered in mobile apps, but there's a limitation, it doesn't extend to smart watches. View full review »
Operation Manager at a computer software company with 51-200 employees
The search feature needs improvement. I can never find the information I need when I use it. They need a well-implemented Wiki engine. What they have now doesn't really comply to what I would expect from a Wiki platform. View full review »
Engagement Manager - SharePoint expert at a marketing services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
The permission management features need improvement. The search functionality on the on-premises version is not very good. We brought this up with technical support, but they said there wasn't anything they can do. This needs to be improved in a future release. The solution could use integrated bots or some form of AI. There needs to be the capacity to share links. They do it already on the cloud, but not on the on-premises version. It would be good to have to capacity to share a link to a dedicated person for a specific duration. View full review »
Head of Development and Implementation at a pharma/biotech company with 201-500 employees
I can't configure the current security I want. There are a lot of bots in it. Sharepoint doesn't integrate well with Oracle, and we use a lot of Oracle products at our company. Therefore, it makes more sense for us to go to Oracle instead of continuing to use Sharepoint. View full review »
Responsible Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The licensing needs to be improved, especially when there are a lot of users. It's okay if there are a handful of users, but when there are 20 or 30, paying monthly for all of these licenses is difficult. The solution needs to enable better sharing capabilities between users and external users. Several users also have problems with linking their emails to their Microsoft account. View full review »
Ana PaixãO
Risk Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Stability and the reporting system need improvement. The interface is friendly but you have some limits and you have to use your imagination to make the graphs better. In the next release, I would like to see the possibility to integrate market information directly into the product. It will help us in saving time. View full review »
Team Leader at Kuwait fire service directorate
The product could be improved by accommodating different technologies, particularly integration. Hopefully, Microsoft won't change the product because they tend to do that. I'm not really sure about additional features but I think using SharePoint as an application server means it's competing with other similar products like Oracle Application Server, and they should aim for that level. View full review »
Founder at intellicon systems
The workflow is very rudimentary. We use the intensive workflows. However, these need to be improved. Microsoft may be coming up with a new flow currently, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping Microsoft will have all emphasis on WorkflowMax because the one we currently have is very rudimentary. The solution needs to be more collaborative. I believe they are just coming up with the themes for this right now. View full review »
Moutaz Zrein
Principal Consultant at innoconsultants inc
I would like to see more Agile techniques and seamless integration with other applications. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
448,896 professionals have used our research since 2012.