Nutanix Acropolis AOS Room for Improvement

Samuel Rothenbuehler
CTO Enterprise Cloud at Amanox Solutions (S&T Group)
Nutanix has the potential to replace most of today's traditional storage solutions. These are classic hybrid SAN arrays (dual and multi controller), NAS Filers, newer All-Flash Arrays as well as any object, big data etc. use cases. For capacity it usually comes down to the price for large amounts of data where Nutanix may offer higher than needed storage performance at a price point which isn't very attractive. This has been address in a first step using storage only nodes which are essentially an intelligent disk shelf (mainly SATA) with its own virtual SDS appliance preinstalled. Storage nodes are managed directly by the Nutanix cluster (hypervisor isn't visible and no hypervisor license necessary). While this is going the right direction, larger storage nodes are needed to better support "cheap, big storage" use cases. For typical big data use cases today's combined compute and storage nodes (plus optionally storage only nodes) are already a very good fit! The Nutanix File Services (Filer with active directory integration) are a very welcomed addition customers get with a simple software upgrade. Currently this is available as tech preview to all Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) customers and will soon be released to ESXi as well. This is one example of a service running on-top of the Nutanix distributed storage fabric, well integrated with the existing management layer (Prism) offering native scale out capabilities and One-Click upgrade like everything else. The demand from customers for a builtin filer is big, they are looking to not depend on legacy filer technology any longer. We are looking forward to seeing this technology mature and offer more features over the coming months and years. Another customer need is to be able to consume Nutanix storage from outside the cluster for other, non-Nutanix workloads. These could include bare metal systems as well as non-supported hypervisors (e.g. Xen Server etc.). This functionality (called Volume Groups) is already implemented and available for use by local VMs (e.g. Windows Failover Cluster Quorum) and will soon be qualified for external access (already working from a technical point of view including MPIO multi pathing with failover). It will be interesting to see if Nutanix will allow active-active access to such iSCSI LUNs (as opposed to the current active-passive implementation) with the upcoming release(s). Imagine if you upgraded your Nutanix cluster (again this would be a simple One-Click software upgrade) and all of sudden you have a multi-controller, active-active (high-end) storage array. (Please note that I am not a Nutanix employee and that these statements describing possible future functionality are to be understood as speculation from my side which might never become officially available.) View full review »
Senior Business Analyst with 51-200 employees
As of now, Acropolis and VMware cannot talk to each other. Until we have some kind of interface, it would be much better for Nutanix if they built an interface which can talk. Otherwise, if I have a VMware stack and I already have a Nutanix stack, I can create containers, I create clusters on VMware, I create clusters on Nutanix. All of these clusters cannot talk to each other. Then it has to be then subverted as a parallel execution. What happens then is that I have to work in two different environments within my data center. Practically, they are two different data centers but physically and logically, they are one. If they cannot talk to each other that creates a lot of issues. That is something which Nutanix has to develop. For example, Oracle is using a function called GoldenGate. They have a feature called GoldenGate which allows them to talk to various different environments which must really help. View full review »
Gerhard Joubert
IT Manager at Q4 Fuel
One thing I've noticed is that, when you do a shift from VMware to Nutanix, it opens the setup of the VM that's currently running. If people from another site double click on it, it opens the VM instead of the setup of the unit. So I would suggest that this could perhaps be switched. That is so far the only change I would like. I would like it if they could fix the instance where you double click on a VM and it opens the VM instead of the setup. That's the only thing that's a major bother to me. View full review »
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Associate Engineer at Secure Meters Limited
As of now, Acropolis and VMware cannot talk to each other. Until we have some kind of interface, it would be much better for Nutanix if they built an interface that can talk. Otherwise, if I have a VMware stack and I already have a Nutanix stack, I can create containers, I create clusters on VMware, I create clusters on Nutanix. All of these clusters cannot talk to each other. Then it has to be then subverted as parallel execution. I would suggest that this could perhaps be switched. That is so far the only change I would like. I would like it if they could fix the instance where you double click on a VM and it opens the VM instead of the setup. View full review »
Manager, Operations at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
It's difficult to discuss what is lacking on the solution. We would have to do a proper analysis because not every client has the same requirements. Based on our experience up until now, even the clients, when they are looking for a proper platform, have already identified Nutanix as being the one solution that would be the most relevant to them. We would need to get into a more detailed analysis in terms of what features or benefits the clients are looking for to see if there is something lacking. We would need to look at scalability, or reduced latency, and stuff like that. There are so many elements that are implemented for each client. As well, there may be specific areas that the client wanted to be improved. However, from our perspective, we don't see any glaring holes in the product. The initial setup does need a team with experience with it in order to execute it correctly. It's not easy. Some clients find the solution's cost to be too high. View full review »
Ran Givon
CEO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
I believe the only things that may need to improve is that the Nutanix Controller VM consumes quite a lot of resources. If that could be reduced, it would be great. Secondly, I would have liked it if Nutanix were a hardware as well as a software platform. I think they are currently progressing into a software only path. I think that, in the near future, their own hardware will be discontinued. I can understand why they're doing it, but I would have preferred them to continue being a one-stop shop for hardware and software alike. However, so far, for our company, the wish list is completely covered. View full review »
Consulting Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
For now, I can't think of anything that can be improved. They've been pretty innovative and have provided a fairly comprehensive roadmap. I've worked directly with some of the backend TME guys and they're very responsive and have addressed anything that's come up. However, I would like to see better visibility with the main OEM backup integrators to have a full backup recovery from site to site and from site to cloud and cloud to cloud - the full range. The cloud ecosystem for public/private, site to site visibility with a single backup product. View full review »
Mohammed Alakhouch
Direction Générale des Impôts at a sports company with 201-500 employees
I think that there are several areas that they can improve slightly, including the mail servers, the application servers, and perhaps even the database servers. If we can have certified compatibility with other companies, such as Oracle, then it would let us know that they function correctly together. View full review »
Systems Administrator at U.S. Naval War College
The One-Click Upgrade process could/should offer the ability to integrate with 3rd party drivers. For example, we use NVIDIA Grid graphics cards. It would be amazing if, during the One-Click Upgrade process, we could "slipstream" additional VIB drivers for ESXi into the upgrade process. Otherwise, we are left to a typical upgrade/maintenance window process in order to keep ESXi updated with 3rd party drivers for additional hardware installed in each node. If the One-Click Upgrade process could implement this feature, this would limit downtime maintenance as well. View full review »
Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
They have offered some new features that I have not deployed so I assume that these issues might have been addressed already, but there was a networking problem. This solution could use network improvements. I think the next release should include a software improvement, like the ability to deploy with a cloud provider like Amazon or Microsoft Azure. I believe that they are already working on this and I think that the best improvement would be to remove the storage configuration because you don't need to manage or to configure this. By default, it should take all the available storage to present the data. They should create network storage in which the administrator doesn't have to manage or configure this part. They should work on the deployment and storage. View full review »
Chief IT Engineer at a cloud provider with 10,001+ employees
I think there is a lot that Nutanix can improve in AOS, in particular, moving tasks such as creating trunked networks and managing nodes from the CLI to Prism Element. I would like to see more information in Prism Element about how Curator works. There is a lot of functionality in Prism Central, but sometimes you want to see those features in Prism Element. One of them is RBAC. If we have one small cluster, and we need RBAC, we must install Prism Central. This is an inconvenience and I hope to see this feature in Prism Element in the next releases of AOS. View full review »
Emmanuel Onen
Enterprise Technical Consultant at Datacentrix (Pty) Ltd
They should lower the price. If they did they would fall into a more competitive market because the price does scare a lot of potential customers away when they get the quote. Otherwise, I never had to call tech support. I actually met up with one of their consultants just three days before I went for deployment. It was the very first time I'd actually tested the software, and that was enough for me to go to the site and get all the work done. There's one area in which they should make the software simpler with the deployment. If they can make it just a few steps easier, it will be unbeatable. I'm technically experienced so it was simple, but others who aren't as experienced might struggle. If they can simplify the software slightly for the installation, that would make all the difference. View full review »
Shivanna Gundanavar
Sr IT Consultant at Vision Insurence
The storage and back-up facilities could be improved. The storage and recording back-up for updates where we can maintain the data server and handle an insurance company. We need day-to-day encrypting of the database. We're purchasing Acropolis and Veritas. That is a big headache. We are using Nutanix for backup and storage purposes. That is now going well in terms of storage and backup. The cloud base is an extra feature. It should be the standard. Nutanix Cloud is not that helpful for us. View full review »
IT Administrator and Sr. VMware Engineer at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
There are few areas in which I think this Nutanix product should be improved, but to name a few I can decide that there should be support for more languages natively. This could apply to the main AOS and Prism environment, as well as the help channels that Nutanix offers. Except for these points, I don't think there is much more to improve. View full review »
Senior Information Technology System Engineer at State Informatics Limited
There could be better support for high power ESX and other cross-platform applications. A major feature in Nutanix is that it should be able to move from AHV to BFX. I would like to see an improved interface. I think Dell EMC is going to launch ClarityNow to address this. View full review »
Charudatta Kulkarni
Head - UICT and Associate Professor at MIT Pune
Pricing and varieties of options could be better. I represent an educational Institute, higher education. So, the cost is a major concern. Secondly, we have the 1000 and 3000 series. So we would like to see that graphic virtualization. It should support all the open standards as well as Nutanix. If the other vendor brought some SAN or NAS, it should be very compatible with that. I would rate it at a nine on a scale of ten. View full review »
Danny Tseng
IT Director at Elite Semiconductor Memory
The solution doesn't support older systems, which can be a problem for some organizations who wish to implement it. It became a problem for us due to the fact that some of our systems are older. View full review »
Anatoliy Kostin
Virtualization, Data Center, Networks, Linux System Administration at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
Nutanix should improve AHV to support migration VMs between clusters and storage containers. Migration between containers is possible, but it requires shutting down the VM. The procedure is long and there is no migration between clusters at all. By and large, I have nothing more to add, but if we talk about what I have listed, then these functions would greatly facilitate the operation of Nutanix HCI. I hope they will fix this soon, although I have been waiting for this for a long time. View full review »
Managing Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The pricing of the solution is too high. It needs to be adjusted or lowered to be more competitive. View full review »
Senior Solutions Architect at a tech company with 51-200 employees
There are several features that need improvement. Some of the areas are: * The Nutanix flow is only for micro-segmentation functionality. * It doesn't integrate with their cloud solution. * It's only for on-premises, even though they have micro-segmentation, it doesn't extend it through the cloud. * It (Flow) doesn't work with the XI frame. * Life Cycle Management is very simplistic for the HPE DX. * Some of the applications are not supported yet. We have to look at the ecosystem that Nutanix is trying to create. It's lacking in some features but overcompensating in others. They are trying to be holistic, but they have a lot to catch up on when it comes to VMware. For example, they only support Citrix, and if you run Nutanix Acropolis you can't run VMware Horizon. There are limitations and the Kubernetes solution is limited. View full review »
Jeetendra Nath
Sr. Associate Vice President at Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
I'm not very technical, so I don't know if there are any features that are really lacking. Our customers seem pleased with it, and I haven't heard of any downsides. View full review »
Mohammed Azzam
Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
In terms of the IT different categories, I would like for the governing sections to be able to use it in the IT department. If they can have something like a one view management portal or software similar to VMware that would be an added value. View full review »
Jalila El Ahrache
IS Manager with 51-200 employees
The product could be improved with more security. The product needs a bit more experience in the market. I think you don't have the possibility to add other hardware. It could be improved with the ability to add and extend. View full review »
Mohamed Shatla
Technical Head at eSky IT
We could always use a performance upgrade, or simplified management. The features I would most like to see added would be: compatibility for HV, improvement to the cloud features, and more private features. View full review »
Dominique Pasquier
Directeur Technique at INFONECS
In the licensing, it needs to be clear about features because it is not clear whether Flow is integrated or not. View full review »
Luca De Vincenzi
IT Project Manager with 5,001-10,000 employees
* Price politics sometimes is not very transparent for the worldwide organization. * Better value for money about file share feature * We feel that the cost for capacity is still more expensive compared to other solutions. View full review »
Antonio Salinas
System Administrator at DLS-CSB
The GUI for this solution needs improvement. View full review »
Peter Cheng
Owner at SIS International HK Limited
I would like to see a fuller integration with the public cloud. It would help the user enter the hybrid cloud infrastructure. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Nutanix Acropolis AOS. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
442,283 professionals have used our research since 2012.