Oracle GoldenGate Room for Improvement

Amro Mourad
Senior Oracle Database Admin at mrcc
I use an on-premises installation of GoldenGate — a standard GoldenGate installation — to do our test deployment for our projects. Part of the Oracle solution that needs some improvement is the ability to test features extensively before purchase and deployment. I am from Egypt and the economy is not so good. To create proper test environments for complex enterprise deployments is very expensive. Right now there is no place in Egypt that has enough servers to provide a proper test environment for a large deployment like the one we have planned. I do my best to do the test here with what I have. It is a poor model to test all the GoldenGate features in an improper environment because a valid test of the features of GoldenGate may require a huge investment in accessories like memory and processors. I still need to do the testing. I need to write the code to test out the deployment without a proper environment and without using some features that may be valuable in achieving our goals. I am going to join a project to perform testing with Oracle Exadata in hopes to have free equipment to test this with. In this way, I hope to have a good enough environment to test the product. The project will be huge will be much larger in the future. It could be that I will find I need to test out the cloud as a potential solution. I think I need one month or two months to decide what is the solution. But assistance from Oracle in temporary testing facilities would be useful and create the opportunity for investment. View full review »
Claudio Freire
Chief Enterprise Architect at a non-profit with 1,001-5,000 employees
While we like the CDC feature, it has some limitations in terms of what we can do and how to configure what we need to do. We are trying to fix those issues by implementing some workarounds. Memory consumption is also an issue in OGG architecture. Each OGG data replicator consumes more and less 200 MB of RAM. We have 10 OGG hubs, each one with almost 300 data replicators to the central database. We need 64 GB for each Hub. a total of 640 GB just for data replication. View full review »
Nafise Mohammadbeigi
Data Analyst & BI Specialist at ABS LBS
I find the user interface to be difficult for non-technical people. It was suggested to me that I use the command prompt, which is fine for me because I am a technical person. However, when showing others, such as managers, how to use the product to provide details such as the system status, it is a bit difficult. The inclusion of monitoring and management tools would be very nice. The Oracle documentation is very complex, and some of the documents are very long. I prefer to use sites that are on the topic of Oracle, but in fact, are not run by Oracle itself. In our experience, there is zero technical support for this solution. View full review »
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Pinak Sarkar
Senior Manager of System and Database at ESL
Right now, the solution is working quite well for us as it is. The solution is quite costly, and if they could reduce their pricing, it would be more economical to implement. View full review »
Database Administrator at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
Troubleshooting issues is not always the easiest (can't always find info on errors online or at MyOracleSupport). Oracle's professional support can also be improved (take a long time to resond to ticket, when they do it is obvious they don't read the issue before responding; they frequently ask for info already provided in the ticket.) GoldenGate for big data is a separately licensed product. Regarding big data, I've found multiple prop file parameters not documented, not in the sample programs, yet were required. View full review »
Solutions Architect Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
We are having a challenge in that we want to replicate different types of data, from one database to another, that have different types of elements. The process of transforming the data between two different databases is inefficient and needs to be improved. Technical support for this solution could be improved. The integration is not straightforward and should be made simpler. View full review »
Osama Mohei
Consultant at National Water Company
Monitoring needs improvement. Right now we lose a lot of of time and effort. To have a real monitoring system is the most important thing. If you replicate between systems 24/7, you need a strong monitoring tool. It's not taken from a lot of effort and a lot of support and involvement with Nexus adapters to plug into our Oracle enterprise manager. Scalability also needs to be addressed. There's not a straightforward way to handle it. The solution, in general, should be easier to use, with less need to perform workarounds within the system. View full review »
Oracle ERP DBA Conultant- Oracle Super Cluster T5-8 Admin at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
There are some DDLs that have problems with GoldenGate. These issues detract from stability and it is something that should be improved. I would like to see the interface more graphical and easier to use. I like Microsoft products, for example, because they are easy to use. When I work in SQL Server, which is integrated with Oracle GoldenGate, I find it better to work in than Oracle. View full review »
Amit Mataghare
Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers
It should be easier to integrate this solution with non-Oracle databases, including cloud-based solutions hosted on Azure. View full review »
Ahmed El Banna
Head of Data Management Team at Saudi Telecom Company
The User Interface should be improved in newer versions, but without putting any restrictions on the customization capabilities. Additional performance metrics should be added and visible in a dashboard, displayed in a detailed manner. The licensing model should be improved to be more cost-effective for the end users. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Oracle GoldenGate. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: February 2021.
465,339 professionals have used our research since 2012.