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Over 3 years ago
Best part of the tool is in-db agreed... I wish in-database tool had three output nodes as well.
Over 3 years ago
Agreed that there is room for improvement in Visualization...
Over 3 years ago
great review... just after using the tool I've figured out as well the need for a local partner, local training, consulting and founded an Alteryx based analytics consulting firm myself...

About me

​I'm holding a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering (ODTU) and a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering (YTU) with credit risk management (GARANTI), management consultancy (MAVEN) and analytics business development experiences (EXPERIAN).

My expertise lies in business intelligence (BI, DECISION TOOLS, ADVANCED ANALYTICS) and business consultancy. Capabilities included are; simulation and optimization modeling for risk mitigation and marketing optimization (LP, MILP), regulatory compliance (BASEL II/CRD), enterprise risk software implementation & validation (IBM ALGORITHMICS), data governance, design, quality & cleansing.

I have strong communication skills and sound knowledge on Banking, IT, Mobile telecom networks.
Seeking data analytics, knowledge discovery, risk and management consulting positions in a multinational corporation.

Additional strengths include;
Proficiency in extensive uses of linear/non-linear programming solvers, discrete event and monte-carlo simulation software, @risk, RiskSolver, MSOffice applications v. 2003 to 2010, Excel with VBA macros, SQL Server2008, Oracle Developer, Algorithmics, OpVar, SPSS Clementine, SAS Enterprise Guide, Miner (a bit on SAS Base) and Bloomberg.

Quantitative analysis, modeling, optimization & simulation background
Powerpoint, Excel, Access and Word with Visual Basic coding, MS Project, QPT, Presi
Risk Solver, Optimizer, @Risk, WPS
SAS Base, E-Guide/Modeler, SPSS Clementine, Modeler, Statistics,Alteryx
PL/SQL, SQL, NoSQL with Hive
Lindo/Lingo, Siman, XML, HTML