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15 days ago
Most things are already said but for Network monitoring, one of the most important items is that the monitoring is real time. And it should have the capability to retain data for a good period of time.  The capability of alerts is important. Reliability of (any) software…
About 1 year ago
As already said Network monitoring is just one type of monitoring, and you should monitor on all levels to get a clear picture.  Hnad in hand with monitoring goes a good Event, Alert setup, to be warned when something is happening. Now to Why? - Network monitoring is to…
Over 1 year ago
SNMP polls are used to poll data from a system or application via SNMP get command. SNMP traps are events that are sent from a system to a trap receiver. E.g. in case a CPU is at 100% utilization an SNMP TRAP is sent to a TRAP receiver to indicate an event. SNMP traps are…

About me

30+ years experience within IT
Network experience/knowledge with lot of protocols, form tcp/ip, ipx/spx, ss7, diameter, icmp, snmp, vpn etc.
Configured/managed: routers, switches, hubs, firewalls (checkpoint, ASA, etc)
managed/designed/installed: HA systems en applications: from Novell SFTIII, till tcp/ip bonding on linux.
Experience with lot of pltforms: DOS, Win Windows, Windows NT, Novell OS2, Linux(rehat, ubuntu, centos etc). Solaris, hpux, aix.
Development exerience: from assemby, to c, pascal/modula, basic, java, perl, bash etc.

Overall i have a broad knowledge on IT topics, from low level to high level, whcih gives me the capability to manage/design and support complex environments.