Why is it important to monitor traffic on your network?


Why should businesses actively monitor network traffic?

What benefits are there to network monitoring?

Any suggestions for where to start with setting up effective network monitoring?

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@David Collier ​Thanks for this amazing, in-depth response!

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Start with an open-source no-cost solution like Nagios for Network Monitoring to get familiar with the features you like and don't like.

Benefits to network monitoring are the reduction in the meantime to recover and seamless experience to our customers.

Why should businesses monitor network traffic? Each business really needs to grasp its "why" on networking monitoring. Is it reactive and defensive or is it proactive with a roadmap leading to AIOps?

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@reviewer1122879 ​Thanks for your input! Can you elaborate a bit more about how a business can decide on their 'why' for network monitoring?

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As already said Network monitoring is just one type of monitoring, and you should monitor on all levels to get a clear picture. 

Hnad in hand with monitoring goes a good Event, Alert setup, to be warned when something is happening.

Now to Why?

- Network monitoring is to find the bottlenecks in your network, by looking at Bandwidth and latency.

- check on malfunctionign systems, by looking at Network errors

- find out between which points the most traffic is excahnged.

- you can look at trends, sudden peaks in traffic.

Benefits: Most benefit you will get is to prevent network disturbances. e.g when someone is hogging the internet connection you can quickly resolve it.

- it should also give an idea on where to invest on network equipment based on usage, bottlenecks etc.

- with respect to appliation performance, the network is normally the first thing that one is pointing at. so, it certainly helps to be able to see if the network is overused.

- insights will help wih e.g. QoS implementation, for voip, and business critical applications.

start setting up: I wuld also recommend to start with opensource, (also depend on the size of your network and its complexity). 

Start with colelting standard in/out for the most important network components, like internet connection, routers, central switches. 

Then based on some initial observations, you can define some alerts on when an connection (e.g. internet) is over used, e.g alarm at 60, 80, 90% capacity.

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Thanks for such a comprehensive answer @Raymond De Rooij ​:)

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Why is network monitoring in Place?  

Defensive monitoring is in place
because someone said we need but does not understand how it helps your business.

Proactive monitoring is when businesses mature to understand outages mean lost business lost customer satisfaction and lost opportunities then the why becomes apparent.  Proactive AI Monitoring moving to predictive ML  resolution is a strategic activity, Although not sexy.

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Network monitoring proves clear visibility of your network thereby allowing you to act immediately in case of a network issue or bottleneck. You can easily identify network-related and security related issues that otherwise would take a lot of time in a network with more than 100 devices or more.

The first step would be to identify the devices and applications that you would like to cover under network monitoring. You can start with open source tools or solutions like PRTG or NetCrunch (cost-effective solutions).

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@Aji Joseph ​Thanks for you input! 

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It is extremely important to be checking network traffic to detect possible failures such as bottlenecks, malfunctioning of a device on the network, or to detect any unusual increases in packets that could be some type of malware.

One of the biggest benefits is that you can see the performance of network traffic, Internet links, and the behavior of switches and routers.

It all starts with the most basic cabling that would be, having quality cabling, implemented in compliance with best practices, then making the network equipment settings according to the use to be made.

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@JOHAN ROJAS ​Thanks for your input! This is really helpful. 

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