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Rubrik is ranked 2nd in Backup and Recovery Software with 24 reviews while Veeam Backup & Replication is ranked 1st in Backup and Recovery Software with 23 reviews. Rubrik is rated 9.6, while Veeam Backup & Replication is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Rubrik writes "Takes the load off vSphere or any of our ESXi hosts and makes things just a dream to manage". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Veeam Backup & Replication writes "Integrates Between Server and Replication Station". Rubrik is most compared with Cohesity, Veeam Backup & Replication and Commvault, whereas Veeam Backup & Replication is most compared with Rubrik, Commvault and VMware SRM. See our Rubrik vs. Veeam Backup & Replication report.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

The Live Mount is one of the most valuable features Rubrik has. It gives me an opportunity to run DR testing. For any patching or DR testing that I need to do, I'm able to run it as if it were my production system but, in reality, it's just a copy of my production system.The fact that the API is so available to us with the playground — there's an internal and public playground — is also valuable. We can write API calls — and although I'm sure there's a way we could hurt the data — we write those calls with a lot of certainty that we won't be destroying anything. We write these API calls using really easy mechanisms and generate automation a lot faster.Also, the web interface is really great. The design, from a user-experience standpoint, is really straightforward and easy to use... they nailed it. Usually, from the very first panel, the dashboard that you land on after login, you've got most of your functionality right around where you need it to be. You've got your new items on the left, you've got your support on the top right. Nothing really seems out of place or just stuck in someplace.The tech support is extremely helpful.The live mounting and compatibility of different operating systems is great.Rubrik can also serve as a secondary host for emergency recoveries.Features we have requested are typically added to the next product release.Product support team is excellent, with issues typically being resolved on the same day.

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The user interface is good and it is very easy to use.The whole replication aspect of the solution is excellent because it compresses the data so well.Before Veeam, we had backup infrastructure sprawl. Veeam was able to reduce our overall backup windows while reducing our dedicated backup infrastructure.Vendor integration for many of the enterprise features have allowed for us to have greater performance from our storage vendors further improving on our commitments to protect our clients' data.Features with the most value are Instant VM Recovery, SQL Explorer and Exchange Explorer.Very flexible, all-in-one solution.We get a lot of features with Veeam and we are happy to use this solution. After shutdown, the servers here automatically turn off and Veeam is keeping up all this. It's tension free work.It has helped us transfer the solution in two days instead of working for a minimum of one week to ten days.

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[A] feature that the product can improve on is being able to restore Active Directory at a more granular level. For example, it would be good if we could restore actual memberships for users instead of the entire server.I have a personal want which might not necessarily make sense with Rubrik as a company or Rubrik as a software, but it'd be really nice if they could also handle things like item-level backups and restores of Active Directory objects and DNS and DCP objects.Its cost is high.I would like to have a built-in index searching ability of files/system files within the Rubrik interface to determine if a file or item exists, rather than just recovering it, and then doing a search for the file afterwards.Global management of multiple systems is lacking, as is reporting across multiple installed units.Improving PowerShell integration would greatly simplify Rubrik management.A singular system is needed to manage all of the clusters.It is an expensive product.

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I would like to have the capability of backing up a physical machine, as opposed to just a VM.It would be ideal if users could know that their data is backed up and have some security functionality where you can actually use the backup to spin up a new cluster and take it from there.Multithreading of health check process: This can take too much time to process on large jobs and/or large VMs.Additional executive summary reports for the entire infrastructure would be a nice to have.One challenge that we have encountered was on the long-term retention of data. Be sure to look into a dedicated deduplication appliance.Physical backup is always where room for improvement could be but Veeam has always stated they are not going in that direction.Needs better integration with cloud service providers.We try to compare Veeam with other solutions because we are the operations. Then we can give the answers for improvement which is the specific additional system features that other solutions provide.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
It is a great value, but its cost is still a bit high.The product is not cheap, but for good reason. It simply works and is very fast.Rubrik is not cheap. Hopefully, you can archive your data on cheap storage to keep the investment minimal.The cost was less than our previous provider, and this is a much better product.Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing.The setup cost is a bit high, but the solution is an all-in-one solution.

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The price of Veeam is much lower than the IBM solution.We have increased our scalability while being able to free up senior resources from recovery activities. I estimate our overall savings to about $20,000 per year.The product is competitively priced.The pricing is good and affordable.The price is slightly higher than its competitors.The price is great. It's software related, and I know that might be a good thing because it's a cheap solution to buy and we have been looking for a program for backup and they fit the bill.I would suggest to others that they buy the full license when purchasing this solution.Setup cost and licensing of Veeam are nothing to complain about when compared to similar products for enterprise backup recovery solutions.

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Answers from the Community
Miriam Tover
Sales Assistant with 11-50 employeesUser

Common misconceptions from Rubrik:
Sometimes, Rubrik makes inaccurate or incomplete claims that suggest their solution is better. The following section will help you separate the facts from the FUD and respond to concerns that your customers may have.

Rubrik will claim that Veeam has many components and takes longer to install than their appliance.

Veeam’s response:
Veeam is a software-defined solution. Once the solution has been properly architected for your customers’ environment, installation is as straightforward as pressing "Next" on the installation wizard. All of Veeam’s components can be installed on a single VM or physical server if desired. Typically, larger customers choose to scale out a Veeam solution by adding additional proxies or repositories for additional throughput, capacity or load balancing. This scalable enterprise architecture is what enables Veeam to provide Hyper-Availability to ¾ of the Fortune 500.

How to counter:
Rubrik is easy to install because all the components are deployed with the physical appliance. However, just because
something doesn’t require configuration does not mean that the solution is any less complex. Rubrik has schedulers,
databases and data movers just like most backup products. A key difference is that Rubrik does not enable its customers to customize those components. Rubrik’s "one-size-fits-all" approach to scale simply does not apply in many enterprise environments. A Rubrik customer is forced to add compute and memory when they simply need more storage, or they are forced to add more storage when they simply need more throughput.
With Rubrik, your customers may be paying a premium for components that are not customized to their needs.

Rubrik will claim that their solution has no single points of failure and Veeam has many points of failure due to its design.

Veeam’s response:
Veeam is a fully-featured enterprise-grade application. As such, it is architected to be fault tolerant. Multiple proxy servers can be deployed, providing load balancing and failover. Backup copy jobs can be implemented to immediately copy backup files to a secondary location in the event of a disaster or failure of the primary backup storage. Veeam can even back itself up! Veeam does rely on a functioning Microsoft SQL Server database just like many other enterprise applications. Your customers are likely protecting themselves from a single point of failure for their existing applications and Veeam does not have to be an exception.

How to counter:
Rubrik is not immune to failures or data loss. Rubrik is built on commodity hardware that can certainly fail resulting in catastrophic data loss. There are scenarios (losing nodes in a cluster, losing multiple disks in a cluster) where a customer will lose data or the Rubrik cluster will become unavailable — resulting in missed SLAs and compliance violations. Veeam is completely customizable to your individual customers’ environment. With a proper hardware design, a Veeam solution can be just as failproof as Rubrik — if not more so.

Rubrik will claim that Veeam upgrades are difficult and that their solution can be upgraded more easily.

Veeam’s response:
There is zero complexity in upgrading a Veeam environment. A customer simply downloads the latest version from Veeam’s website launches the installer and follows the instructions. All components, including the backup server, proxies and repositories are updated from this single, straightforward process. In fact, Veeam customers consistently rate "satisfaction with product upgrade process" extremely high in customer satisfaction survey results — one of the many reasons that Veeam has achieved an NPS of 73 — 3.5x higher than the industry average.

How to counter:

It took Rubrik a few versions of their product before they were able to offer customer-driven upgrades, but now that they do, the process is about the same. When software is independent from the hardware that it runs on, flexibility and customizability are increased. There are tried and true methods for upgrading storage, processors, memory and other hardware components on the hardware your customers’ run in their data centers. Upgrading Rubrik’s hardware appliances is not as straightforward and requires special components that are — of course — sold for a significant premium.

01 July 19
anush santhanamConsultant

When comparing Rubrik with Veeam, it is important to understand their stated purpose along with what capabilities they bring to the table. Rubrik is first and foremost a complete HCI based backup solution. Rubrik helps enterprises move away from traditional backup solutions with media and master servers and backup targets etc. With Rubrik you get a single 2U HCI box that includes compute, storage, network. There is no add-on software. Rubrik does it all. You can use Rubrik to backup your virtual as well as physical environments (x86 and RISC). Furthermore, Rubrik can replicate to either cloud instances or to other appliances at a secondary site. The goal is always to provide DR for your backups. It is not a typical DR/availability solution in the likes of a VMWare SRM or Zerto.

In short, Rubrik is not an availability solution. Veeam provides both backup and availability. Veeam is software only giving you choice with hardware. Rubrik can be taken as a box or as a solution from top hardware OEMs. The question to ask is what is that you are looking to achieve. If it is pure backup, then both will do. If you are looking for add on capabilities, that’s when you will need to dig in deeper.

01 July 19
Brandon MorrisReal User

I use both. In an ideal world, we would have full redundancy from power to cooling to servers. Why would you only have one backup server and repository? Both are strong products, though I would pick Rubrik if I only could choose one because it's much more hands-off on a day to day basis.

08 July 19
Laurie ElliottConsultant

For years enterprise businesses have had multiple data protection services. This is because clients’ data is diverse and no one solution can meet all the needs of all workloads.

To provide an answer to which one will work best, you have to first understand what workloads they are trying to protect and what are they trying to protect against, as some clients don’t create second copies for just restore, but moreover will do it for compliance with long term archives.

01 July 19
Rickson IndraUser

1. Mainly Rubrik Cloud Data Management is in the form of appliance so customers don’t need to spend more on external storage (also with built in compression and deduplication makes it as efficient as enterprise storage)

2. Live Mount feature that is available to mount backup in under one minute. This Love Mount can be used for DevOps or audit.

3. Google-like file search feature that simplifies the backup process

4. Customizable SLA for every file

5. All software is included in a single bundle.

01 July 19
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Rubrik provides the industry's first Converged Data Management platform with the Rubrik r300 Series Hybrid Cloud Appliance, fusing enterprise-class data management with web-scale IT. Organizations use Rubrik to deliver live data access to recover from failures and accelerate application development. Our team has helped build products such as Google File System, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook Data Infrastructure, VMware Virtualization, Data Domain File System, and Amazon Infrastructure.

Veeam® Availability Suite™ delivers something fundamentally different — Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ — leveraging IT investments in server virtualization, modern storage and the cloud to help organizations meet today’s service-level objectives, enabling recovery of any IT service and related applications and data within seconds and minutes.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Rubrik vs. Veeam Backup & Replication and other solutions. Updated: September 2019.
372,906 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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