Microsoft Windows Server Update Services Room for Improvement

CIO at a logistics company with 51-200 employees
I don't really know what can be improved in the newest version of the product because they are about to release Windows Server 2019 and I am still working with version 2016, which is the previous versions of Windows Server. I'm not aware of the current improvements in the 2019 version first-hand so I don't know how to improve the newest release. What I hope to see in the 2019 version of Windows Server is an improvement in how terminal services are implemented. This is one of the problems with the 2016 version. There are parts where functionality would be better if it wasn't based on PowerShell commands. I'm more of a GUI (graphic user interface) guy and I like the way a graphic interface can simplify using a product. I like to be able to see the GUI windows and graphic controls and I am less interested in using the command line because it is more complicated. There is no reason why the graphic interface is not better while also allowing access to the PowerShell. One of the most interesting things that could be improved from the 2016 version would be having the ability to use SIC codes for call centers. They have some solutions for video chat and messenger, and other communications services. But when you need the work station's IP for the phone, you have to turn to the manufacturer for a solution. For example, with Panasonic, you end up purchasing the entire stack of server IPs to host the operation and operator. On-premises, it would have been nice if it was in Microsoft Server and not implemented through linked servers or messenger servers or other options. It would have been more convenient if it were just included. View full review »
Information Technology Security Specialist at a university
There are some incompatibilities or conflicts between WSUS and IIS because sometimes when running WSUS, I have to stop my IIS and restart it in order to connect. I have searched Google on the issue and I have found that it is a common problem. This is something that Microsoft should solve in the next release. I would like to see support for other operating systems such as Linux. If you install WSUS and there are other operating systems on the network like Linux Red Hat, Ubuntu, or Debian, then it should be able to update them. It would be amazing. View full review »
Technology Manager/Engineer III at a marketing services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
When updates are displayed they are in one big list on the screen, and the naming convention isn't such that it groups them by the operating system. This makes it difficult because there are updates for Windows 7, Windows 10, and so forth, and I have to scroll through and select out the ones that are relevant to the operating system. Having the ability to group updates by the operating systems would be very helpful. View full review »
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Boubacar Khouma
Owner at xconsult
Tagging in the server is complicated, and it's not easy to understand how to put it into a specific category. This solution is difficult for some people to understand. The package validation process should be improved. In the next release, I would like to see additional tools added to fix the engine issues on the client's side. View full review »
Islam Elsherpieny
System Administrator at SAMCO
I think some features could be added to improve this product. I'd like to see a critical update alarm where I get notifications regarding critical or security updates and receive a review of it. For an additional feature, I'd like to see the option of receiving alarms wherever I am, so that if something happens and there's nobody at work, the problem can be dealt with efficiently. View full review »
System Administrator with 201-500 employees
Many areas need improvement and many features don't work. The clean up feature doesn't work. It's doesn't delete old updates that are not needed anymore. The configuration process needs improvement, as it is not very good. The integration with Windows 10 was difficult, and a bit tricky. The old backup files created by this solution use up a lot of storage, and this needs to be improved. This solution would meet my needs if these issues would not occur every month. View full review »
Consultant at a tech services company
Microsoft should improve their support for the product. A lot of guys are installing their products, especially Xero. If you have a real problem, though, it's quite difficult to find someone who you can support you. I think Microsoft should develop its ReFS volumes in a little bit more detail. Also, I wish they would demystify their updates scenarios, like patching and updating the system. View full review »
Shaun Bell
Chief Operating Officer at a transportation company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Reporting flexibility is something that can be improved. Job management and control is an area that is in need of improvement. View full review »
Systems Administrator at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would want the GUI on the continuing interface of the WSUS and more fine grain control. I don't want full blown enterprises. I want another object deployment, in a different kind of way that the enterprise just doesn't provide for me right now. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Quest Software, Kaseya and others in Patch Management. Updated: October 2020.
442,194 professionals have used our research since 2012.