DX Performance Management Valuable Features

Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
For us, the multi-tenancy is very important, of course. The scalability is also important because we have customers in the system with only a small number of devices, say, 50, but we also have customers with more than 10,000 devices. The scalability is very good, amazing. There have been a lot of changes which were very good in the last few years of development. One of them is that they brought together Spectrum and the performance data, since Performance Management 3.6. They also have the alarm information in Performance Center which is very helpful to have in one tool. View full review »
ITSM consultant at a tech services company
One feature I like about CA Performance Management is the certification of the devices. This solution is very functional, but it's not suitable for medium and small customers, which is the case in most of the markets in Europe. There are a few huge customers, but most of them are taken directly by the provider. View full review »