Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Initial Setup

IT Manager at a government with 10,001+ employees
To the best of my knowledge, the initial setup was pretty straightforward. We also had quite a bit of coaching that was done for us by the vendor. View full review »
Owner at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The initial setup was fast and straightforward and we did everything ourselves. Our implementation strategy was to assess the environment, in terms of the infrastructure. Most of the key departments were involved. Then we did a one-day workshop to enable some of the key stakeholders to understand what it's all about. After the workshop, we were able to come up with use cases. After that, we started with the implementation. After installation and setting up of the database, we started configuring the application, which depended on our internal policies and security requirements. Then we did some test runs on a few desktops. That went on well so we continued with quite a number of devices until everything was up and running. View full review »
Chief Information Security Officer at Groupe Wafa Assurance
In terms of implementing the solution, it's not easy and not complex. It's average. The deployment's level of difficulty is average as well. You just need to have the prerequisites satisfied. I appreciate their support because their support was with us to assist us until we deployed the two instances in our infrastructure. I was the CISO, the Chief Information Security Officer of the company, at the time. My scope was to assist and to manage the project from the start to the close. I worked with the operational security to deploy it. My scope was to cover governance. For example, elaborating on the policy for classification. It was a prerequisite to define the policy target in the DLP and to organize or to plan for the workshop with the strategic and sensitive entities in our group. I made sure they tried the solution and integrated the entities into the pilot side as well. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Forcepoint, Symantec, Digital Guardian and others in Data Loss Prevention. Updated: February 2020.
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Sayed Ahmed
I-Security Engineer at NHQ Distributions Ltd
The initial setup is not that complex. I would say that it is easy to set up. The deployment time depends on whether the solution is being integrated with third-party products. If you are installing Forcepoint DLP with Forcepoint proxy and security then it is not a problem but, if you try to integrate it with Google, Cisco, or another third-party then sometimes there are problems and it takes longer. We use four or five staff for deployment. Post-deployment, you can use just two or three for maintenance. The people are normally from Information Security, although some customers engage their operational team, as well. View full review »
Co-Founder at Critical Technologies
The setup for the product is quite straightforward. It takes maybe 10 or 15 minutes to be installed before it is ready to be used. For the integration, it took maybe one day. In all, it was very fast. View full review »
Javier Ramirez
Network Security Specialist at SEFISA
The initial implementation was easy because we implemented 25 to 50 agents. We didn't have a lot of problems. It was truly easy to implement this product. The deployment took one month. We saw what data we needed to protect and we told the agents. We required two people for the setup who were IT people. We use it every day. View full review »
Edwin EzeOsiago
Head of security solutions at Infodata Professional Services
If you understand what it is you want to achieve, then the setup is straightforward. Deployment takes anywhere from three or four weeks all the way up to six or eight weeks. If clients don't give us all the requirements it takes a bit longer. For maintenance, you need about two people. As long as they have Forcepoint administrator certification they can handle maintaining the solution. View full review »
Sanjeet Kumar Bhuyan
Security Consultant and Cybersecurity Support at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
The initial setup is a bit complex. You will need help from the peer support team in the configuration. The environment is based on your environment and there were some policy-related issues, but they have been fixed internally. View full review »
DR Goyal
VP Technology at RAH Infotech
The initial setup was not complex, but not simple. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Forcepoint, Symantec, Digital Guardian and others in Data Loss Prevention. Updated: February 2020.
398,890 professionals have used our research since 2012.