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Over 4 years ago
In terms of MDX, here’s a link to a tutorial on MDX and data cubes. You may have to sign up to watch, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how little this leads to being spammed and called incessantly by sales calls, as it does with other software providers. In terms…
Over 4 years ago
Hi Orlee, I'd say I found it easier to speak to people when it came to specific use cases, as there is almost too much available when you search Google for a solution. Sometimes you can find yourself trying to solve something by being too complex, where a simple solution…
Almost 5 years ago
What I appreciate about the thoughtfulness of this review is it's from someone who seems software agnostic. It's taken me a great deal of time to get to that place myself, but it does make for a far richer experience in BI/Analytics world when you realise that some of the…
About 5 years ago
This is very much dependant on the size of the organisation's data, alongside what you're trying to achieve. If you're attempting to have a Kimball-style data warehouse, perhaps using ETL routines against a Hadoop data lake, you might well consider one of these perfectly…
Almost 6 years ago
Only have background in Pentaho usage so can’t speak to how easy Jaspersoft is to use, however, I have to say Pentaho DI is excellent and is one of the most straightforward ETL tools I’ve seen in 15 years of working in BI. It is an extremely user friendly interface and has…
Almost 7 years ago
At risk of repeating others, ease of use, scalability, security (user and row level for example) and TCO are probably top of my shopping list. Compatibility with other tools also quite important (for example R or hosting visulisations on intranet/internet)

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