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Over 1 year ago
Regretfully, I have no in-hand experience on either specific firewall. I can only comment that Fortinet remains one of the fore-bearers in Firewall technology and Cisco_Meraki has the corporate backup of Cisco. We have a Meraki MX series Firewall and, to date, it has…
Almost 3 years ago
Cisco Meraki Wireless networks are based on cloud access for control, although the actual traffic throughput is not cloud based. A very convenient way of monitoring your network, especially if it spans beyond one site. One point of caution however is that you need an account…
About 3 years ago
Good to know the support is dependable. Thanks Vikas.
About 3 years ago
Thanks Sean, a very informative review. I am seriously considering the XG125 but slightly concerned about the VPN aspect as VPNs are used predominantly in our network. Also considering the Fortigate 60E.
About 3 years ago
Good advice. Thanks. I am currently coparing the Sophos XG125 against the Fortigate 60E. Both close on performance and facilities but I suspect Sophos is going to be cheaper.

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