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Automation Anywhere (AA) is ranked 2nd in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with 116 reviews while UiPath which is ranked 1st in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with 219 reviews. Automation Anywhere (AA) is rated 8.0, while UiPath is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Automation Anywhere (AA) writes "Integration with source control is very refreshing and the dashboard is great". On the other hand, the top reviewer of UiPath writes "Easy to use: People with zero technical background can scale up in a matter of weeks and build bots". Automation Anywhere (AA) is most compared with UiPath, Blue Prism and WorkFusion, whereas UiPath is most compared with Automation Anywhere (AA), Blue Prism and WorkFusion. See our Automation Anywhere (AA) vs. UiPath report.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

This boosts the customer confidence and experience. When the customer experience increases, obviously sales will increase.It is highly scalable on cloud and virtual machines.The Automation Anywhere software has improved our organization by moving us into the RPA climate and allowing us to save on our overhead.Since we can register multiple bot runners in one control room, and we can easily monitor and re-run bots when necessary, it is convenient for me.The advantage of Automation Anywhere is that you don't necessarily have to come from a programming background.The most valuable feature of Automation Anywhere is the unattended mode bots, because we don't need to go and look at what they're doing. They just go by themselves.My impression of the Bot Store is good. It is a really smart offering. A lot of the time customers need the same things, and there's not necessarily a lot of logic in reinventing the wheel. When you take the Bot Store, you allow people to share knowledge, you allow best practices to be immediately adopted by users, and you can share good knowledge, saving a lot of time for customers. It's a really good thing.Its ease of deployment is the most valuable feature. We have found with many customers that it's quite easy to deploy.

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This solution has increased productivity in our organization.The OCR feature is very handy to extract structured and semi-structured data from documents.There is no coding at all required to implement a complex business process. If you have some programming background, it will help you. However, if you are a business user, you can still develop simple processes.The automated recording helps quite a bit. You record a complete business process along with human interactions to the desktop or web application. You can easily manipulate them. Once you are done, you have a complete recording of the interactions, which you can use to tweak your requirements.The UiPath Orchestrator is one source to easily manage all bots.The eagerness of UiPath engineers and their salespeople to help us along the process has helped us align ourselves more with UiPath.The initial setup is quite easy. We have worked with some other RPA tools, but they took us quite awhile to get setup. With UiPath, it was relatively easier to get started.Screen scraping credentials of whatever features that it has.& The robot can log into the system, scrape the data, and enter the data into the system. This eliminates a lot of the manual work that the team had to do, which has improved the performance. Our teams used to do a lot of data entry, and this repetitive work has been reduced. The same resource can now work on some high-end work.

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Automation Anywhere is a tool. It is not able to go ahead and extract the hand-written documents. Most of the automation tools that we have in the market are not able to get an accuracy of close to 80 to 90 percent on hand-written documents. So, I'm eagerly looking at a release from Automation Anywhere, wherein they could plug in an LP or look at some sort of a platform which could convert hand-written documents into a readable format. If they could bring in they own platform, this would make a big in-roads for the entire automation industry.I would like to see a built-in read-only role for the control room so that the bot creators can log in and monitor the production environment without any auditing concerns.I have noticed that after the bots have been delivered to run in a production environment, there are issues in terms of quality and performance.Because we are very new to our process, so we're still sort of working through it.The bot insides should come in the same package versus having it as a different bundle by itself. If we could have this product come with all the inside solutions altogether, that would help.Another feature that would be cool to see in Automation Anywhere is more use of artificial intelligence. Right now, RPA is basically limited to a bot which is simply following the instructions that it was given. However, what would be really useful is if a bot was able to more flexibly respond to issues. For example, sometimes there are erroneous errors and pop ups. With good code, you can certainly build your bots to be able to handle that. However, it does take time and a bit of technical know-how to be able to do that.Room for improvement is more on the IQ Bot side: How quickly we can adopt and deploy it?More interactions with PDFs would be great for Automation Anywhere.

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Better alignment of workflows for development is needed.Extending the UiPath studio in terms of UI and functionality would improve this solution.Tech support takes time replying to queries. It should be improved.You can't write small snippets of code. If you want to do a single code snippet, this is not available by default.I would like to see all a full-featured version for mobile devices.I would like to see higher end AI type features natively in UiPath. Some native integration over time would help.UiPath could use more OCR use cases to help with those features.Stability looks good except that we see that when we run the bot sometimes somewhere in the middle it fails. It will recovers, but I don't know why and can't answer to my customers why. I don't know if something can be done to eliminate the failing piece. I don't know whether it is a stability issue, but it should be handled in future.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
We have saved customers 400% in terms of time saved by implementing this product.The pricing and licensing of Automation Anywhere plays an important rule in the Indian market because in the Indian market $10,000 USD is too much. Hence, the pricing tends to go down depending on the customer relationship with the partner: A starter pack is $10,000 and an enterprise pack is $100,000. If you go through an implementation partner, you can get good deals. They can save some money.It looks like it will be right around $115,000, not counting IQ Bot, which we won't renew until later.No one is balking at the cost. They are market rates and will change, but no one is saying, "That is ridiculous or impossible." They are saying, "Show me the ROI and prove that the cost is accurate."One of the things that will be good for the community will be to get the free version to download, which came out just a month ago called Community Edition. So, you can actually download it and try it for yourself.Roughly, as of today, it is around $250,000 annually.We have a few licenses. They cost roughly $10,000 each.I've seen the price vary by whether the client is going to scale and adopt a tool.

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This solution has a very competitive and flexible pricing scheme that depends on the process complexity.Licensing should be reduced and price should be cut down a bit.This solution is priced less compared with other products.Given how cheap it is to initially buy the product, the licensing methodology that they have in terms of renewing every year is appropriate. Later on, if they start charging more early on, for deployment, buying the license, and deploying it initially, then having a lower maintenance fee might be more appropriate. Now, with the scale they are at, it is an appropriate way to do the licensing.There is some initial sticker shock from a lot of people regarding cost, until you show them what the actual benefit is. Initially, people are just going, "Why?" So, the retort for that is, "Look how much you will save, time, and budget-wise with one bot. If one bot costs X, this is how much it will save you over one year. This alleviates the "Oh my gosh" face, when it's 1200 dollars for a bot.It would be nice if you could just buy the product instead of having the annual rate license renewals. It's expensive, but I guess we'll have to see what the ROI truly is.I would like to have transparency in pricing. We're creating a lot of robotic process automation use cases all over the place. I'm never really clear on what the pricing model is and the skews.Go download it, install it, and play with it. You can't do this with any of the other platforms.

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Answers from the Community
Miriam Tover
Magic ManReal User

There is no dearth of tech comparisons on the internet and both tech offerings will work with 95% of use cases in an identical manner. I'll share my personal perspective, keeping it non-technical focused.

1. The UI itself. If VB style interface is your thing, go for UiPath. It was the first thing that turned me off.
2. Cost of entry: very low for UiPath, owing to some really smart and enticing entry-level packaging. Run cost may, however, be the same or more. AA doesn't make it as enticing.
3. Greater code level access and control of bots using AA is a big plus.
4. UiPath will bend backward to meet a client's need- double thumbs up! AA because of its market superiority cannot come to imagine themselves needing to defend their marketing position.
5. AA is advancing itself at a very rapid pace- some very nice changes. But the gap is closing, not fast enough though. Recently AA launched support for mobile phones to manage bots.
6. Buying as a direct seller or working via a reseller, limits your options to negotiate terms with AA, severely.

16 January 19
Vimal PuthiyadutReal User

Real-time RPA analytics built into Automation Anywhere, along with IQ BOTS and Metabots is an interesting feature.

17 January 19

I am using the both tools. Both have more advantages and bit of disadvantages. But I would like to suggest more the UiPath because it is more flexible than AA. Here I delight to first reasoning what flexible means, If you want to create your own custom library of activity (in AA called Commands), workflow and snippets it is possible in UiPath and you can post those on the Go or Connect. Others are able to use it as well if it is posted as Open Licences (MIT).

Automation Anywhere is giving more scripting advantage whereas the UiPath is giving more visual treat, that means Lets take an simple example in the perspective of both developer and analyst , If you want to print "Hello World" , You should take Message Box activity in UiPath that is seems to be a box kind or Graphical User Interface!, that you are able to see. whereas in Automation anywhere, you are selecting the almost same command but it looks like a line of code or kind of script.

There are plenty of other differences between them as well.

17 May 19
Saif Ul Islam KhanConsultant

Automation Anywhere is a propriety solution of IBM. It is based on conventional software development and does not support a lot of plugin based architecture. Whereas the UiPath is a plugin based architecture where you can create your own automation plugins and use within UiPath to solve different problems. Moreover learning curve of UiPath is very less as compared to Automation Anywhere.

17 January 19
Henrik OlsenUser

Well - it is quite simple in my world to compare UiPath and Automation Anywhere (AA):

1: There is not any functional difference in what use cases that can be solved - only the method to do so.
2: There is a huge difference in the license model where UiPath will require a separate license for your Front Office users. This will make the license cost for UiPath much more expensive over time.
3: Support and License wise you are forced to work with 3rd parties with AA as you cannot connect directly with AA. A big minus.
4: UiPath looks on the developer GUI much more Microsoft alike as the founders are coming from there. This gives more recognition from new developers.
5: For all RPA - it is a developer tool so don’t let you be convinced that any end user can do complex use cases. If you want they can do simple front office tasks - but here you need to be concerned on governance, support volume and license cost.

17 January 19
Fabrício CâmaraReal User

I particularly do not know about Automation Anywhere, but a great differential of UiPath is 100% free training, the community is always willing to help.
Every time we needed the support they were ready to help.

17 January 19
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