Meraki Dashboard Valuable Features

Ethan Amir
Project Director
In my previous employment, I used to deploy Meraki solutions for retail stores. They really liked the the Presence analytics feature. Basically, they could tell how many clients came into each store and how many clients came out, using the MAC addresses, not some kind of analog solution. So not only could they know how many clients came in and came out, but also how many returning customers came to each location. They could take that data and match it up with the other locations, and get a lot of marketing information from that too. In addition to Presence analytics, Layer 7 filtering allowed me to filter connectivity by service and not by port. Also Easy VPN connectivity between the Merakis, multiple SSID configurations, plus I could segregate one SSID from another. One more feature I would add is Facebook integration. View full review »
Jacobo Levy
Network Engineer at a tech consulting company with 11-50 employees
The most valuable feature is their support, and they get better every day. View full review »

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