NetSuite ERP Valuable Features

Managing Consultant at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
It's less about functionality today. Although the functionality is there, most systems are pretty competitive on things like financials. At that level, what makes a solution competitive is the architecture, and NetSuite has the most advanced system architecture in the market today. It was built for the cloud. It's a true cloud application. It's truly, purely web-based. There's no infrastructure required. It's fast licensed, it's multi-tenant for releases. I would say that the solution is highly configurable. The solution's data structure is very referential. You can easily customize new data in the system. It's a system that's built for enormous flexibility and customization. The system itself, the reporting dashboards, integration, API, workflows, all that stuff's strong in NetSuite. The functionality is strong. They've got people working deeply on it. They spend incredible amounts of money on R&D and their releases are very robust and they just keep moving forward with more. View full review »