IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Room for Improvement

Klemen Muhvi?
Computer System Engineer at Informatika d.d.
Because I have been working with SmartCloud Control Desk on a daily basis for eight years, I don't have any issues. I mainly hear our end users who do complain about some things, one of which is the user interface. The 7.611 version, for the users, and even, in my opinion, is not as pretty as it was. They went with simpler colors, but only blue and white. In the previous versions, you had those little icons and you knew what to click and where the configuration and administration are. Now you have to read the menus. In the software or middleware forms I don't see any complaints, it works as it should. But again, users mainly complain about the user interface, the GUI. It has too much information and it's more complicated than it should be. Maybe it is a different architecture because I know that the self-service center is in Java and it's different from the others, including the applications in Maximo. Other than this, I would not say it needs anything new. View full review »
Alexander Stegnienko
ITSM Architect at SiBIS
Support has been the biggest problem for us. I understand that because we use the product of a global company, some changes are not quick to deploy. I want things to change quickly in my email, for example, but I don't get this. I understand that they're a big company and they have lots of tickets they have to solve for it but my customers don't and it bothers them. New updates can create problems. I worked from version 7.2 to 7.6 and I know some problems that occurred in 7.2 and IBM resolved this problem but in 7.4 and 6 we had this problem again. Now I need to wait to resolve this problem again for the new fix. The main problem is to get a person from the top line to talk to you. It takes a lot of time to describe my problems to the first line, then for the second line and then to try to repeat this problem in the environment. When we have connected with the top line, it resolves for a few days, for example. The people don't have enough knowledge or experience to solve my problem. We cannot send pictures from our system to our email client. Our clients will send a screenshot of their problem but the picture won't appear. We have the same problem when we send emails from the system to email clients, we don't see the screenshot that we can add to the text. I would like this to be improved in the next release. Our clients want their email support to support pictures, margins, rich text and other things. I would for them to resolve this in the next release. View full review »
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