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Should I migrate from TopDesk to JIRA?


I am looking for a compelling business case to migrate from TopDesk Service and Development Desk to JIRA Service Desk. The effort and tools to perform a migration need to be simple and cost/time effective.

For the business case, I would like to study a customer case + a before and after rating.

Can anyone share information about moving from TopDesk to JIRA?

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@Dirk - Have you made a final decision about moving to JIRA? Anything you can share with the community? Thanks!

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If you are looking for the simple and effective service desk then please check for the Manage Engine Service Desk Plus. Standard Edition is free to use. Professional and Enterprise solution are also available.

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Thx Kai. Will check it out. Still looking for drivers to move from TopDesk to Atlassian Jira. The integratwd workflow and shared SLA/KPI are compelling. Wil share what I find as I go...promiss

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I've used a variety of help desk software over the years including open
source. Personally, for price, features and interface I recommend SYSAID.

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Seems to me Dirk's already made up his mind on the benefits of JIRA - but it'd be difficult to share a business case without knowing his key points of interests specific to those benefits. If he believes the two tools offer similar services then he'd need to assess cost per seat to install and ongoing cost to support. On going maintenance is the huge issue we see with DIY help desk installs not the initial cost per seat. Costs for version support, new requirements/customizations etc plus the cost to retrain the end users all have to be weighed. On the benefits side, he should do some time/motion studies for all the tasks/activies current spent in TopDesk and estimate the automation/touch times in the new environment. My experience has been that most of the process/task savings comes from new system's ability to integrate with legacy apps or other databases/tools or from out of the box process applications currently not supported in a true workflow system. TopDesk touts their ITIL/ITSM roots - including CMDB integration but JIRAs roots are in problem management/task management so we're back to the question of what does Dirk really want to do with his future state environment?


Mike Tusa
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Hi Dirk
Great question. To help me and others, can you elaborate a bit more on the need to move from one to another? What is Top Desk not doing that you think JIRA will do?

There are a number of reasons I ask.
1. TopDesk is more service desk/ITIL based ticketing system and JIRA is more a bug/release/code tracking type ticketing system.
2. Your title indicates that that the latter of point 1 is more suited to you and your team.

Depending on the nature of your organisation I would have thought an ITIL based service desk to deal with customer (internal/external) issues would be more relevant. Allowing you do put structured processes with Incident, problem, change etc. But for product development they have their own system (JIRA perhaps) to deal of bugs/issues/releases.

Example process.
Customer logs an incident in a ITIL based ticketing system, once support identify it as an issue it gets logged to development who add it to their dev ticketing system (JIRA) and break it down do their code changes and update builds (tracked by JIRA). Once Prod Dev create a new patch release, that team can update the ITIL based ticketing system for support to inform the customer and close the incident. You could throw in some change management as well before the patch is applied to the customer to minimise risk and downtime.

I suppose what I am saying is do you need to replace TopDesk with JIRA? It doesn't feel right as they are not the same type/flavour of ticketing systems.


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Hi Russell,

As far as i know, Atlassian JIRA is good service desk product, since it has
lot of customization feasibility as JIRA is open for integrating with third
party system using remote API's. As far as I know, It would be great to
decide which product is best w.r.t the following,

Cost saving factor
Different ITSM modules required for the business
which Monitoring tool/event management tools is going to integrate with the
ITSM product
Support availability for the product

Jithesh Padikkal

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Here we use BMC Remedy but this software is very expensive and involves 6 months or more of training. You may want to consider JIRA which seems to be low cost and you can obtain a free trial package. Please see link: http://blogs.atlassian.com/2015/01/top-5-reasons-choose-jira-service-desk-competition/ for more information. Top Desk seems to be very large such as BMC Remedy. See link: http://www.topdesk.com/us/ for a free trial. I would test each one out and see which one performs the best through ease of use. With 5,000 personnel to support, you want something that works, cost less, and is easy to use.

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