When evaluating Help Desk Software, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?


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When you choose any help desk software, there are a lot of things that can distract you. To ease your pressure, here are the most important factors that you must keep in mind before investing in the best help desk software:

Easy of use: How easily your team can adapt to the various functionalities of the tool

Self-service capabilities: Self-service knowledge base to reduce your support ticket volume

Reports & analytics: Customizable reports that can help you track performance

Flexible pricing plans: Flexible pay-per-agent plans to avoid any heavy upfront investments

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Friendly UI and ease of use. Rapid display all information on report , request problems , auto category and give the correct answer to the users.

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I think it is the ability of my support team to maintain, update, customize, integrate and generate reports in the database that the software uses. Most of the products on the market already have a good UI, are scalable and provide modules for reports and dashboards. However, if we don't have a well-qualified team to take full advantage of the solution to meet the corporation's expectations, all sorts of difficulties can arise from it. Good luck.

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Ease of use. Adoption is a value multiplier. 

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Ease of Use. Look and feel has to be great for both IT staff and the customers they support.

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World Class User Experience on all form factors
Pre-connected integrations
Smart, intelligent, and expandable automation

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The best tools instill good behaviours in both service desk staff and developers in terms of getting to the bottom of problems and is not just a who can close the ticket fastest race.

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Speed in the recovery of information related to the requested service / problem reported to identify the correct answer for the user

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Coming from a CMDB point of view, ease of use plus ability to integrate with other applications are important. Support is also high up there in relation to trying to fit things together.

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easy navigation realtime updates on tickets and priotizing

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Critical factors for selecting a help desk software depend on what exactly the evaluator wants to achieve by using it. However, some common factors that should be carefully measured
while evaluating a help desk software are:

● Ease of use- The interface should be intuitive enough to provide minimal learning curve and a smooth user experience.

● Features- Depth and breadth of features offered by the software should be comprehensive. Additionally, the features should be well-rounded to provide high efficiency.

● Security- Privacy of data and prevention against security breach should be foolproof.

● Automation- Higher level of automation results in higher productivity.

● Integrations- The help desk software should be able to seamlessly integrate with other IT
management tools.

● Actionable insights- Reporting module should generate data points that can assist in
managerial decision making.

● Alignment with business goals- The help desk should support the organization in achieving its goals.

● Affordability- Return on investment should be reasonable.

All of these features are supported by ServiceDesk Plus , an ITIL ready IT help desk management software by ManageEngine. You can check it out here https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/

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Ideally, it should be easy to use, simple to set up, and it should have features (e.g. Automation, queues, SLAs, approval workflows, and more) that seamlessly integrate incident management, change management and problem management use-cases. It should have a very intuitive and user-friendly portal where users can easily request help, search knowledge bases and track progress on issues raised. The cherry on top would of course be if it's cloud-hosted and uses a pricing/licensing model for only the helpdesk agents that would use the tool.

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Ease of use and the ability to link tickets together to understand how many users were impacted due to a major outage.

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You should be focused on:
- Triggers & Automations
- Templates & Dynamic Content
- Channels
- Escalation rules
- KPI's

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I would often ask and clarify what problem we are solving for. Too often we in IT focus on 'How' to solve a problem without truly understand 'Why' or 'What' we are solving for. New software is great and I have to say that of course, but a fool with a tool is still a fool! Understanding the end state and what value we are able to provide to the business clarifies the mission of IT

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We do have Updated the features Of BMC Remedy with the Current Version 9.x.which has the feature with which user can raise ticket on the go. New mobile application is launched MyIT and SmartIT though which End user can raise a ticket, followup the ticket, get solution and support user can work on the ticket.
With the latest version of Remedy,Service desk duties have become much easier now compare to the earlier,which includes not limited to Reporting,Schedules,and many more...

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First of all Help Desk software should be easy to use and user friendly. Secondly Help Desk Team should have enough resources like Templates, Scripts, Decision Tree to accurately raise Ticket with short time. Thirdly Help Desk software should have capability to be customize as per business requirement. Help desk software should have module like Incident, Change, Problem for different Type of Issues and planned activities. Help Desk software must have notification mechanism to Notify the End User and Support Team and have proper Escalation Mechanism. Help Desk software not only use for Ticket logging but Asset in the Infrastructure should also be maintained in proper application. There should be Self Service Ticket Logging Mechanism like SRM through which End customer can them self raise ticket for the issue they are facing. For any new Product version release or any New release there should be Application like Release management which can manage the Release of the Product. There must be proper approval mechanism for the scheduled activity. There should be proper knowledge base which can be used to resolve the issue by looking the solution from the knowledge base.
All these features are currently available in BMC Remedy. Along with the above feature now user can raise ticket on the go. New mobile application is launched MyIT and SmartIT though which End user can raise a ticket, followup the ticket, get solution and support user can work on the ticket.

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Flexibility and workflow automation are the things that I look for when assessing Help Desk Software. The ability to configure automatic actions when certain conditions are met enables me to standardize a lot of what we do to communicate with both the business and with other IT Staff.

Business requirements can change quickly and being able to adjust the system configuration to meet those new requirements for users, assets, and locations - without an unwieldy amount of change management and overhead - is essential. You still want to be able plan and test things before implementation in your production environment, but the flexibility to make minor changes when necessary lets me react quickly to changes in our environment and provide better customer service.

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