Sophos EPP Suite Room for Improvement

Network Administrator at Transgulf Readymix

The area improvement is something very specific. Windows firewall security allows an exception where the user of a specific device can turn the firewall on or off. We need to configure our Windows firewall security in an active directory via group policy. We do not want to allow the exception or for individual users to be able to make this change. When using Sophos, instead of doing this in an active directory, we have to create a policy on the Sophos portal itself. In the Sophos policy, we can indicate which port is allowed and which port is not allowed for the Windows firewall and how it is handled.  

Previously, we were using ESET smart security which also has a Windows firewall base. We could control each and every link and port for everything. Like for people taking their desktop remotely, we could allow VNC (Virtual Network Computing) remote connections on a specific port only. All other ports are blocked from this type of access. This feature is something only ESET had. I am pretty much sure Sophos does not have this kind of policy available. They should make this adaptation. The rest of the Sophos product and the technology and utility of the suite is beautiful. I believe all network system administrators would be glad to have this feature. 

What I would also like to see added is information about update compatibilities. This should be included in a notification for upgrades from Sophos as to whether there is any reason to update Windows for Endpoint or not. The problem stems from the fact that Microsoft is releasing these updates and the patches for security every month. A lot of those patches have issues and incompatibilities. After Microsoft releases the updates, they sometimes have to release a fix to the update with patches. They usually do this in the next two to three days. It would be helpful if Sophos did the testing of the updates to inform all their clients so we can be sure these updates are OK. Then, in turn, we can inform our clients if updates are compatible with their servers or not.  

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Manager of Information Security at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I'm not sure if the solution is missing anything. For us, it seems to be covering our needs quite well.

The solution has a strange technical support process where you need to move through all of these tiers before you can get to someone who can help you. They should streamline the process and make it easier to speak to the correct level of support from the outset.

SentinelOne has what they call a rollback feature. It would be great if something similar was added to Sophos.

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ICT manager at oosterhof holman

Part of the product that can be improved is the detection of other antivirus software. We had some trouble one time installing the product because there was a third-party antivirus product that we needed to remove before we could install Sophos. That detection in the installer could be better. It can easily be solved but does not have to be a problem in the first place. 

Pricing could be improved because it is a bit expensive. 

It would be nice if there were more capability to configure the notifications. We do get some notifications when a virus is detected or something is wrong, but we get notifications that the machine has to be restarted or other issues that should be handled by different people or different departments. There should be some distinction as to which notification type we want to send to a particular destination. That's something that should definitely be better in an enterprise solution.

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Network & Endpoint Security Consultant at a tech company with 1-10 employees

The support could be improved. The response times are slow.

Most of my clients are comfortable with the product and how it operates, but I'm sure there could be improvements that could be made.

The solution needs to move from small businesses to large enterprises so they can compete with the 40 gig Check Point. They need to build a product for that environment.

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Information Security Manager at KIK Custom Products

The solution isn't quite accurate enough. It provides a lot of false positives.

For example, if you log onto the portal, you'll be able to see the endpoints. You'll see the health status, but when you click on one, you'll find everything right there, even though it might not be clear from the health status overview. The accuracy of the status needs to be better represented.

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Sophos Certified Technician at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The one challenge of this product is the lack of support. I know they are busy but the response time should be quicker. Even if they had someone to just pick the call up and then generate the cases, that would be an improvement. It could be like Cyberoam where they have one dedicated person who receives the calls and generates the case for the customer and then the engineer responds. With Sophos you can wait on the phone for two to three hours before you get anybody from the technical support team. It's a real challenge. 

For endpoint, if they could add the start and stop scanning or abort scanning button to the endpoints, that would be an improvement. Sometimes what happens is that the scan is being used but my system is slow and I have to do some urgent work, but I'm not able to pause the scan. I have to forcefully restart it or try something else. The inclusion of a feature like that would be helpful for end users. 

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ICT Director at a university with 201-500 employees

The solution is a challenge in terms of setting up the rules and managing them.

Since the solution runs silently, you do not know whether the antivirus database has been updated or not. I'm not so sure whether I'm even using an updated antivirus database or if it even scanning every time that I insert a flash disk. I just need that scan and I need to know it's happening. I'm not getting that. 

Even if it does a scan, I don't know if hazards have been dealt with. For example, did it clean the disk after it scanned it? In other products, it's much more clear. There needs to be some sort of report that lets you know if it's running if it found something, and what it did with it, etc. 

We're concerned the Sophos partners may not necessarily have the right skill sets to deploy the solution in a way that meets our expectations.

The solution is not easy to use in comparison to other endpoint security solutions.

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Technician at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

In my country, having an on-premises deployment model is preferred. In this part of the world, on-premises is still the way many companies want to go. Therefore, they should supply some sort of option that allows for that reality.

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Manager of Information Security at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

If we could bypass the first couple of levels of support when we have a problem then it would be easier and quicker when we need an issue resolved.

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System Integrator IT Manager at Tecnimex srl

I would like to have more logging features to help more deeply analyze traffic. This would provide us with more control over the products, incidents, issues, and so on.

It would be helpful to have more control of the devices attached to the desktop, giving us better visibility and manageability. This would help us to prevent Traversal attacks, where the user can plug in external USB devices, for example.

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IT Administrator at Xavier University

In the future, we're looking forward to having a new synchronization firewall on the endpoint.

The management console need improvement. 

I'd address the deployment side. If we could upgrade the deployment side to hand it off to the end-user, it would make it easier, as our campuses are far apart.

We'd appreciate if the solution could offer us assistance with a later deployment.

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Chief Executive Officer at a consultancy with 1-10 employees

We use cloud services quite a bit. Therefore, I would like to see integration with other security tools besides endpoint so that I'm not managing different tools separately. I would prefer to have a single security solution for my laptop and for managing other security things like passwords.

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Administrator Assistant at GEMS

They should consider giving the devices for free when they are charging for licensing.

In the next release, I would like to see the phishing attached included in the firewall.

Normally getting junk mail and phishing in emails is a problem for us. We are protected with other solutions but we would like to see it in the is one.

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Network and Cybersecurity Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Sophos is lacking in the granularity of optimization, so having more control would be better.

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Director with 11-50 employees

Technical support needs to be improved.

In the future, I would like to see better third-party integration so that it can work in conjunction with our ticket system.

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IT Administrator at JNCI

If you are not an IT expert, the solution is difficult to use. So it needs to be simpler for a non-IT person so that when you have an issue, you can you know that the solution is just a click away. Except for the more advanced things. So in terms of usage, the management tools, monitoring, and dashboard should be easier to use.

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General Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Deployment and central management need to be improved.

In the next release, the solution should add anti-spam. They should add a plugin and or a browser plugin for security.

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Learn what your peers think about Sophos EPP Suite. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: May 2021.
511,307 professionals have used our research since 2012.