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Data Warehousing
Created a Data Warehouse with Kimball methodology, conformed dimensions using best practices recommended by Informatica… more»
Designed multiple enterprise persistent staging areas
Design enterprise staging area for two different organizations. First organization went through number of iterations… more»
Manage ETL exceptions/data errors directly by user
Present day error processing: All ETL jobs are scheduled to execute though scheduling tool, during the execution… more»
Master data management for around 60 source
Master data mangement for around 60 sources in 6 months 1. Different Variety of Data  Property , Retail , Malls ,… more»

Informatica Questions

Rhea Rapps
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Informatica PowerCenter vs SSIS. In your opinion, which is better and why? Thanks! --Rhea
etlsolut192060Hands down Informatica. I've used both. Informatica is system and DB agnostic… more»
Mark BennettInformatica is the more capable tool on paper whilst SSIS is more widely used… more»
Michael LuryeLike any other technology there is no universal answer to which tool is better… more»

Informatica Consultants

Project Manager /Senior Solution Architect
Technology Architect
Expertise in designing & developing solutions in Greenplum which is a distributed and massively parallel processing (MPP) database engine. Expertise in performance tuning Greenplum design for extracting best performance leveraging MPP capabilities. Expertise in data modelling (Conceptual, Logical… more>>
Reviewed Informatica PowerCenter: We were able to overcome all the performance…
Product Owner - Data Management
Key experience in the areas of leading an MDM project, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse support projects. Proficient in the areas of Analyzing Data Quality Issues, Handling Data Warehouse Support Issues, MDM Administration. Technical Skills – Informatica MDM, Oracle, MS SQL Server.… more>>

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