Lucidchart Room for Improvement

Business Analyst at a real estate/law firm with 201-500 employees
I wish there were a lot more automations. For instance, if I'm using a project management software to list out all my WBS, I wish Lucidchart had the functionality where it would take all the numbering and generate a tree diagram. Something like that would help so much, but right now it's still a manual task, both in the project management software I use and in Lucidchart. I wish the project management software could do that. If it could do that, I honestly don't know if I would still use Lucidchart. But if Lucidchart could do that, it would definitely add a lot of value. In project management, or any kind of planning, it's one or the other. We either start with the diagram and then they make it into a grid, and then ultimately into a Gantt chart; or we make it into a grid and Gantt chart, then we make the diagram. If both are required for stakeholders and participants to understand things, something has to be automated. Either the project management software could take my grid with all of the WBS numbers and provide functionality to quickly make it into a diagram or matrix. Or Lucidchart could understand those WBS numbers and simply make it into a chart or a matrix. Whoever does it fastest will win. But ultimately I could see how project management software companies will make this functionality available. Also, Lucid doesn't do enough knowledge-sharing on how we could use Lucidchart. Other companies send out so many emails saying things like, "Did you know you could do this? Did you know you can do that? Did you know that we can integrate with this software?" Lucid doesn't do enough of that. I think that would be super-helpful. We have a subscription for certain projects and then we will cancel the subscription and start the subscription again for another project. The reason is that we don't know what Lucidchart can do for us. So we just use it for a project and, when the project closes, we stop the subscription. We've done that many times. It would help to know what other usages there are and how other companies are using Lucidchart to integrate with things like Salesforce. I didn't know that you could use Salesforce and Lucidchart together. I'm curious to know how people are using it. I want to know how they are using Lucidchart for ERP. How are they using it for CRM? How are they using it for project management software? How are they using it for operational work? How are they using it for Scrum? How are they using it for Waterfall? It would be nice if they could tell their existing customers so that we could become advocates. View full review »
Kevin Heires
Product and Materials Manager at Case Systems, Inc.
A feature that I would love to see on Lucidchart is the ability to collapse information and expand it out. If someone's looking for a reference to what I'm talking about, MindManager is an example of how you can collapse data down. The best part of that solution is I can have very large maps, but simplify it visually for people. Then, if we talk about it during a meeting, I can expand it out with a lot more data that can be provided. Whereas, with Lucidchart, I need to have a big canvas. Oftentimes, it gets really large and it's kind of overwhelming. If I'm in a presentation that I'm sharing, such as phased releases of a product line, it can be overwhelming if I have 100 pictures on there. There is too much going on, as far as comprehending it. It would be nice to have more features that help me visually present information. Since I use it as a canvas, my use case for it is probably very specific. I use it as a way to present information to people visually on a large mind map. So, it would be nice to be able to have more graphical things to clean it up, like a header, banners, or something to help draw attention to certain areas. I would also like more infographic-like features, because I am kind of limited to float chart shapes. This makes the solution a little cumbersome. If I have a presentation on a new product line to my board. I wouldn't want to use Lucidchart because it still looks like a real rudimentary flow chart. Whereas, if it gave me a bit more control over the visuals, I would be able to throw a bunch of information in it, rough it in, go back and clean it up visually, and then make everything pop out now that the flow has been laid out. That would be really nice to have. That has always been the downfall for me: It still lacks that visual. Usability is really high, but visually, it is still lacking. View full review »
Scott Rogers
Director of Strategic Accounts at a marketing services firm with 11-50 employees
Sometimes, I have created charts with a lot of layers, which locks down parts of the chart and hides parts of the chart to edit it. If they have a better way to deal with specific layers when it gets complex, then that would be helpful. I would like to see something like an illustrator program, where they have a pallet of these layers that I want and don't want as well as being able to see each layer individually. That is the one thing that could be helpful. View full review »
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Managing Partner at Seegmiller Gardner, PLLC
When you want to add text to a connector arrow, I have not figured out how to position the text vertically. It always wants the text to stay horizontal. This is frustrating when I would like the text to stay in-line with a connector arrow, or otherwise. Also, printing hard copies of PDF files that I have saved from Lucidchart has always been a problem. Although I don't print copies very often, every once in a while I need to do that for a meeting. The hard copies always come out missing colors and components of the chart I have created. I'm not sure if this is an issue with my printer, Adobe Acrobat DC, or otherwise. View full review »
Mayank Thakur
Product Lead at Moglix
I don't know if I will be able to add some animations if I want to. I believe the problem may be the program's process flows but if I want to transfer it into a PPP or any other document, I can only do image transfer. So if I created a flow chart, I should be able to copy it as it is, do the presentation and if I want to do some minor changes, I can do it in the presentation. But at this stage, I can only copy an image. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Lucidchart vs. Visio and other solutions. Updated: January 2021.
455,536 professionals have used our research since 2012.