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    The scripting ability is most valuable. It is easy to use. There is a UI, and you can go in there and figure those things out. After you've got a good set of tests, you basically have a scripted document that you can grab and execute in a pipeline. It is pretty quick to set up, and you can scale it and version control it.
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    The solution can handle a huge amount of workloads, it's quite scalable.The most important feature for us is that it supports a lot of protocols because we support all of them, including HTTP, FTP, mainframe, and others.
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  4. Very easy to use the front end and the UI is very good.The most valuable feature is flexibility, as it connects to all of the endpoints that we need it to.
  5. I think the number one feature everybody likes is the capability to easily generate virtual users as well as the reporting.Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise Is very user-friendly.
  6. The record and playback feature is the most valuable feature. It's all driven by the script, so it's a script-based tool where the background tracing starts. Java's background process does a lot of tracing. The process starts in the background. It sees what peaks of volumes that the process can handle. It's easy to use because it's script based, record, and playback. I
  7. The most valuable features are functional testing and the central repository that contains various scripts. We like that we don't need a separate management tool. This is a good feature. It also has an inbuilt performance tool which is on Flash. It has very good record and playback feature as well. The inspection tool is also very good. Overall, since it comes with all the three packages, it's very good.
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    476,483 professionals have used our research since 2012.
  9. NetStorm can generate high load with a single machine. Its Runlogic feature is very useful to send load to cover each and every flow of the application. NetStorm gives the feasibility of generating load with multiple load arrival models helping components to be tested based on its usage.
  10. It stores good reports, as in, improved reports if compared with the SoapUI. It also has in-built security. You just need to switch and check the security testing. My team has never used it, but I know ReadyAPI provides those facilities as well.

What is Load Testing Tools?

Load testing, part of the broader work of QA testing and automated testing, involves putting demand on software or devices in order to measure the system’s behavior in normal usage and possible “peak load” scenarios. Sometimes called stress testing, the process is essential for understanding how a system will handle different numbers of simultaneous users. Load testing tools are used to help determine optimal architecture and scale needed to support projected usage patterns

IT Central Station users have commented on what they look for in a load testing tool. They generally want a tool that can easily identify the bottlenecks in an application.  Simplicity is prized. There is a preference for tools that enable the automating of manual flows, which helps save time and effort for testing teams.

Testing professionals on IT Central Station prefer load testing tools that support multiple platforms and metrics.  For instance, it is beneficial if a tool can support JMX for WebLogic, modern SNMP versions, flexible custom metrics, and so forth.

Testers want to easily assess load characteristics on any operating system and with many programming languages, including Windows, Linux and Solaris. For departments that base many of their systems on products from the same vendor, such as Oracle, an integrated package that fits their standard is also viewed as a boon to testing productivity.

The best load testing tools, according to users, feature recording and playback of test sequences. Some users express an interest in having a custom dashboard to enable different views of test results.  Ideally, the tool will take test automation through the entire business process. For example, it will test web service availability before it starts automated test packs.  This is important because applications touch multiple processes and do not exist in isolation. The behavior of one process step can affect others if load is an issue.

Find out what your peers are saying about Apache, Micro Focus, Neotys and others in Load Testing Tools. Updated: March 2021.
476,483 professionals have used our research since 2012.